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As of late, my makeup routine has been almost nonexistent; however, I still have those days when I’m on the run, and I like to go out feeling pretty and girly. The head makeup artist at Make Up Forever in Garden State Plaza, Rachel Rushefsky, is an extremely cool and talented woman who recently showed me how to accomplish an effortless and elegant look that required little to no makeup. When she finished, my skin not only looked healthy, but it had this beautiful and natural glow. I left feeling confident and flawless in my own skin—a feeling every woman should have the fortune of experiencing. Even in your busiest moments, you should still feel as beautiful as ever. Read on to learn how to achieve this effortless look from Rushefsky herself! BY KATELYN BONGIORNO
STEP 1 Primer & Skin Equalizer: Nourishing & Cool Pink ($36)
#4 Nourishing Primer Equalizer
#6 Cool Pink Primer EqualizerRachel Rushefsky: I’m using the nourishing equalizer and pink equalizer. The nourishing is for dry skin and the pink is for radiance. These products are more for skin care, so you want to apply them all over until you have a nice, even base. Wait 30 seconds to a minute tops for the equalizers to settle into your skin (since one does act as a moisturizer). The equalizers have three key ingredients: hyaluronic acid gives you a lot of moisture, acti tensor actively tightens the skin, and regi active is like Vitamin D. Together, these products give your skin a really nice and natural radiance without having any foundation on at all.
Lift Concealer: #3 Neutral Beige (Light to Medium Coverage) ($26)
Lift Concealer
RR: I’m going to apply the lift concealer right in the corner of your eye with a blending brush. Here at Make Up Forever, we have a technique that we call “purposeful placement,” and the reason why I put the product at the inner corner of your eye is because that’s where I want the most product to be. Then we’re going to stretch, blend outward, and bring it down a little bit. So, I’m concealing in areas where you may have a little redness or darkness—anything like that, such as around your nose or mouth. The lighter the coverage, the more natural it is. This concealer doesn’t give you super full coverage, but it brightens up your face; however, if you really wanted to, you can build on this. I also like the lift concealer because it has some hydration in it.
Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream: #3 Light Beige ($32)
Full Coverage Concealer
Cliché: Rushefsky showed me this product for those of us who like a fuller coverage or highlight. With it being waterproof, Rushefsky advised using a “sparing amount” as it tends to dry the skin. This product is more or less good for emergency purposes, such as spot-concealing or summer days at the beach or the pool. Rushefsky uses a blending brush to do her concealer and spot concealer because the shape of the brush is the perfect fit for under the eyes.
Pro > Bronze Fusion: 10 M Honey ($36)
Pro Bronze Fusion
RR: I always use this bronzer in a contouring way because I feel like it will warm the skin up naturally while also respecting the natural bone structure. If you’re unsure of where to place the bronzer, you can always  find the hollows of your cheeks and start from the back by your ear. You can use your triages as a marker to help with placement. The purpose of the bronzer is to give a little natural warmth to your skin, as if the sun would hit your face in those areas. It’s not the same concept as tanning, but it can give you a sun-kissed look. This bronzer is meant to give you natural color, not coverage and can be used all year round for that natural tan effect.
HD Blush Second Skin Cream Blush: 225 Peachy Pink ($26)
Second Skin Cream Blush
RR: Our HD blushes are our high-definition blushes. A lot of people are hesitant to use our cream blushes since it is cream, but we reassure them it is easy to use, blends over powder seamlessly, and can be used with any small-medium sized fluffy brush. No special or specific brush is needed. Our cream blush acts like a second skin and looks like it’s naturally coming from within. Since it is high definition, it photographs beautifully!
Long Wear Eyelid Primer: Eye Prime ($22)
Longwear Eyelid Primer
RR: For eyes, I’ve got a quick trick for when I don’t need or want to wear a lot of eyeshadow. Even for those who don’t have oily skin, our eyelids still get oily. Primer is important because when you use eyeshadow you want the color to stay vibrant, and you don’t want it to break up. Our eye primer is great because it has a brightening agent, and it can act as an eyeshadow. Most people’s eyelids are a little darker than their natural skin tone, so the primer evens out the color while also brightening the top of your eyelids.
Artist Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquer: 202 Sweet Pink ($19)
Artist Plexi-Gloss
RR: What’s good about these glosses is that they have three key ingredients. The plexi gloss has double-treated pigments for vibrant color, prizmalite (shine beads) for high shine, and oil and polymers for a stable longer-wearing gloss. The brush is patented, and the gloss could last up to 5 hours.
Feel free to ask about a consultation or setting up an appointment with Make Up Forever. If the employees’ down-to-earth and sweet personalities aren’t contagious enough, maybe Make Up Forever’s products will change your mind and have you fall in love!
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Makeup Guru: Photos courtesy of Make Up For Ever

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