The Prelude

Kimberly Cole knew she wanted to do music when she was just four years old. Her first single, “Smack You,” broke the Billboard’s Dance Charts top four. Now, she has released two recent singles, and fans can expect her upcoming EP, The Prelude, very soon. Combining both music and fashion, Kimberly is one to watch out for. Below, we discuss influences, Twitter, and who she wants to work with in the future.

BY LAURA ANDERSON / Photographed by Solmaz Saberi


Cliché: How did you come up with the title for your EP?

Kimberly Cole: The Prelude for me is about being real. It comes from a place of honesty and it’s for the fans that have come along with me on my journey so far. I’m taking it back to the beginning

Who are some of your influences?

I love the emotional realness of Adele mixed with Gwen in her No Doubt days. I am heavily influenced by EDM as well as Bob Marley!

You’re also the host of the YouTube series, FM. How did you get started there?

I love how fashion and music go hand in hand and how they both heavily influence one another! FM is the perfect mixture of my two favorite things, fashion and music, so we created a show that delves into the lifestyle of the musicians that set the trends.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

Since I was four, singing and dancing loudly and annoyingly everywhere… ALWAYS!

As far as writing goes, do you usually collaborate or write songs on your own?

It’s always a mixture of both! Some of my best songs have been written alone as well as with others.

You’ve played with many big name artists, but if you could choose any other artist you could tour with, who would it be?


What can fans expect for 2014?

New music… new shows… a new me.
You can find Kimberly on Twitter @KimberlyCole1
Feature image courtesy of Kenny Sweeney

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