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Stick in Your Shoes with Sticky Shoes

Have you ever found the most gorgeous pair of heels that you just need to have, when you walked into a store and locked eyes with a jaw-dropping pair of platform stilettos? Ladies, ladies, ladies, it’s hard to fight the temptation while shopping, but when this type of love happens, you know it’s true, especially if the shoe fits! But have you ever felt nervous or worried that you might trip in your fabulous shoes? Well, don’t you worry, Cinderellas, we all want to find our Prince Charming, but none of us want to fall out of our heels doing so.

Sticky Shoes is a must-have product that will keep your feet secure in heels while maintaining your signature strut. With their slogan “Now your feet will love your shoes as much as you do,” Sticky Shoes add comfort and support to your pumps. Place the adhesive strip on the heel part of the insole of each shoe to keep your foot fastened and in place. Once you place Sticky Shoes on your heels, you’ll be ready to put them on and conquer the world!

This life-saving product can be purchased at You can get 12 pairs of Sticky Shoes for $8.95. Thank the shoe gods for creating such a brilliant shoe tape!

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