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Kid Hastings Returns With Dreamy New Single “Call Me Up”

Indie pop artist Kid Hastings returns from a year-long hiatus to release a new single + music video for “Call Me Up” from his forthcoming EP, releasing via Ourros.  Previously, “with his debut EP, Golden, Kid Hastings made an incredibly impressive statement as a writer and producer, capturing his subject candidly and with an articulation that seems beyond his years” – Ones To Watch
Kid Hastings, AKA Jake McEvoy of Hastings, England (though raised in New Jersey) is a jazz and choir kid turned bleached-hair indie rock/pop guitarist and songwriter. Drawing heavy influence from the jazz greats such as Thelonius Monk and Wes Montgomery, he approaches dreamy, sunny bedroom pop sounds with a sophisticated flair. His complex melodies, layered vocals and unique self-produced soundscape span a diverse catalogue of songs broaching solipsism, unrequited love and taking yourself less seriously. Check him out on Instagram and Tik Tok.
With the help of friend and fellow creative, Ava Doorey, the two devised a video for “Call Me Up” that embodies the complexity of Kid Hasting’s persona. These self-proclaimed “reformed theater kids” cooked up a concept that not only allows for Kid Hastings to present his unparalleled physical performance prowess, but also creates freedom through freedom. As the world kept turning, the pandemic made us all stay still. That said, McEvoy stepped into the zone of self-expression through artistic movement, and the freedom of identity that is the basis of the video allowed McEvoy to feel blissfully free himself. 
Images provided by Ourros.
Featured image by  Eddie Mandell and Aamir Khuller.
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