Why the Unexpected Gucci and The North Face Collaboration Works

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Today we’d like to explain why the unexpected Gucci and The North Face collaboration works. Gucci is a brand known for its out-there ideas and history of bold colors and patterns, as well as their ability to turn the mundane into something exciting. It’s fun, it’s experimental, and with platform shoes and oversized sunglasses, it’s anything but sensible. The North Face, on the other hand, is most-likely the total opposite of Gucci. They create practical clothing for outdoor adventure. Its clothes and apparel are cozy, dry, and comfortable.

Yet, to the surprise of fashionistas and fanatics of the outdoors alike, the two companies have come together to create a fashionable outdoor collection. So, is there any chance that these two powerhouses could ever work together successfully? Of course, they can! 

Here are just a few examples of how their collaboration works.

Outdoor Fashion Can Be Fun and… Fashionable!

Let’s break a stereotype here. There seems to be an idea that hiking and fashion don’t mix. With clunky brown boots and rustling waterproofs, we can understand where this idea comes from. However, today, this simply isn’t true. As the internet will prove, nature can be amazing, and exploring it is great for our well-being and mental health. So, if exploring the wonders of nature can make us feel good, why not look good too?

By making the most of the fashion opportunities modern outdoor brands offer, it’s decidedly easy for adventurers to feel good both on the inside and outside. Of course, for the collaboration, Gucci has toned down their classic experimental style. But the practical puffer jackets and warm winter hats are the perfect combination of stylish and sensible.

It’s Great For A Photo Op

However good the outdoor life is for the soul, as we mentioned, traditional hiking clothes can be a little bit unfashionable. Sometimes you just don’t want to share photos of yourself when you’re not looking your best in your mom’s old green hiking jacket. Yet, wearing fashionable clothing that possesses the practicality of a The North Face collection and the classical bold style of Gucci, will make you want to share your experimental outdoorsy looks right there and then. Even if you’re at the top of a mountain.

Along with the admiration (and jealousy) of followers, wearers of the Gucci/The North Face collaboration can give you a boost in confidence too, along with maintaining durability and practicality on your adventures. With vibrant wool and nylon hats for all weathers, and even backpacks that brandish Gucci’s signature patterns and prints.

It’s an Original Collection

Just like any cool fashion brand with a unique style that is eclectic and inclusive, Gucci has managed to stick to its principles and the partnership is still full of character. It’s simply more outdoorsy. Especially as it also covers sleeping bags, shoes, and tents. As for the actual clothes, the collection has produced a selection of dresses, skirts, coats, and jumpsuits. All in outdoor-themed patterns, such as flowers and greenery – with that added splash of Gucci color.

It may seem like an odd choice for hiking gear, but who says you can’t walk up a mountain in a dress? All this collection is doing is smashing down stereotypes and helping the world look at both fashion and the way we experience nature differently.

The partnership between Gucci and The North Face may have been an unexpected one, but it really does work. What’s more, it proves that practicality and style aren’t mutually exclusive. Perhaps the best part about the collection is that it allows people to be themselves, no matter if they are into high fashion, nature, or both.

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