New York Fashion Week Event is Safely Held During Covid-19

NEW YORK, (Sept. 25, 2020)—On Sept. 12, under the creative direction of Imani Jones, Trinity Yvette hosted Find Your ID NYC’s New York Fashion Week event at The Atrium in collaboration with Livein Magazine and, an interactive online hub created to support local businesses internationally post-pandemic challenges. The live event brought New York City creatives together for the first time to celebrate the power of design and to discuss the future of fashion.

The event consisted of one-on-one interviews about the future of fashion with professional fashion producers Janice Lawrence-Clarke of CAFE JLCPR, Mike Okerson of Jump Into the Light and the brand owner of Frekan

“I feel that people tend to disregard the silver lining, not look for the good thing and just dwell on the negativity,” said Lawrence-Clarke, president and CEO of JLC productions and founder of the Caribbean American Fashion Exchange (CAFE); looking toward the future, she pleaded for the younger generation of fashion creatives to look for the positives.

Find Your ID NYC’s New York Fashion Week also featured a socially distanced rooftop fashion show and photoshoot featuring designs by Willard Morgan and Vestiphobia, Klassiklozit, Kakaki, Tiye Eliza, and Naurah USA. The designs were modeled by Krystal Warren, Brianne Anela, Chelsea Scalzo, Kalliniki Lambrinoudis, and Jamila A Yancy. Makeup was done by artist and FYID NYC team member, Kalliniki Lambrinoudis. All photos were photographed by Joseph Fraia, professional fashion photographer and Editor in Chief of Livein Magazine, and Lauren Cirocchi of Find Your ID NYC.

“Express ourselves. Fashion is about joy, it’s about expression and about keeping people awake,” said Morgan, the owner of The Atrium and the founder of the clothing brand, Vestiphobia.

During a time of sadness and confusion, FYID NYC and all of the creatives involved with did not let the challenges that resulted from COVID-19 constrain the power of fashion. While taking the proper precautions, this New York Fashion Week was held and the creations of local designers who have been facing post-pandemic shutdown struggles were shared virtually to a wide audience. 

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

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