Why the Neutral Color Palette Trend Shows no Signs of Slowing

Today we want to explain why the neutral color palette trend shows no signs of slowing.  Despite the best efforts of multinational brands, our fondness for lighter, neutral shades hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, it’s only ramping up in intensity! However much brighter, bolder, brasher colors might be pushed on us, customers are still stubbornly resistant to anything that isn’t pastel-shaded and easy on the eye.

But why might this be?

The Influencers

neutral color palette trendInfluencers – those people on Instagram whose opinions and tastes we most care about – have been reluctant to decorate their houses in anything too garish. Of course, this is so for many of the same reasons that most of us have resisted (which we’ll get to shortly). Despite the exorbitant fees that some brands are willing to throw in their direction, there are limits to the influencer’s powers of persuasion.


A sub-category of influencer is the celebrity. Brands have long-acknowledged that a celebrity endorsement can make or break a product – whether it’s a particular brand of cigarette or sports car, or a pot of emulsion. Celebrities, for the most part, keep their houses thoroughly neutral. Kim and Kanye’s $60 million home is almost entirely beige. Jeff Bezos’ NYC home is which with the occasional splash of grey. We all aspire to the levels of wealth and success that these people have achieved, and we hope that by following their interior design choices, we’ll be able to gain an advantage, however slight.


neutral color palette trendWhen we make bold choices in the interior, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the possibility that they’ll eventually go out of style, and we’ll have to replace them. A minimalist interior can always be accented with quality fitted furnishings; but an interior that’s loud and garish will often need to be completely reassessed and redecorated once we have a change of heart.

The average homeowner in the UK spends several thousand pounds on decorating over the course of any given year. Ideally, we want the changes we make to last the distance; and the safety of neutral pastel tones is something we can take comfort in.

Softer colors also tend to translate better from season to season. While a bright yellow wall might look dazzling and spectacular at the height of summer, during winter it might start to look a little bit sad.


When you commit to a bold color, then you need to commit to a particular style, and base the entire room around it. Softer colors, on the other hand, can play a more supportive role. What’s more, you’ll be able to make adjustments to that style without having to repaint. If you have a single large accent piece, like a mirror, then you might replace it with something else and dramatically change the feel of the room in a single move. A bright yellow room, by contrast, will always be a bright yellow room!

Can you guess the famous film character from their bedroom?

Brainteaser challenges film buffs to name the character based on clues in their bedrooms   

Have you ever wondered what the bedrooms of your favourite cinematic character would look like? Well, Hammonds Furniture has created five scenes depicting the bedrooms of some of our most loved film characters, challenging readers to guess who lives there.

Clues include the setting, items of clothing, wall decorations, and even pets!  The average cinephile takes 35 seconds to identify whose bedrooms these are for all five scenes – can you beat the average time?

Number 1

With a famous cityscape in the background, tell-tale outfits, and a couple of martini glasses left around the place, can you guess which famous character has just left this room?

Number 2

This character looks like they don’t spend much time at home and seems to have many items ready for an adventure. Do you know who it could be?

Number 3

Who could possibly find time in their day to read so many books? You would need more than 24 hours in a day! Who do you think it is?

Number 4

This person lives for the dark aesthetic, and has a very unusual uniform…who could it be?

Number 5

This character looks to be getting ready for another adventure – their crime-fighting outfit is freshly washed and ready to go! Can you guess who it is?

 Did you guess them all correctly? The answers are:

  • James Bond
  • Indiana Jones
  • Hermione Granger
  • Darth Vader
  • Wonder Woman

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