5 Ways to Improve Live Music Performances

Improve Live Music Performances

Today we want to share 5 ways to improve music performances. There are lots of components involved with being part of a touring band including creating music, booking shows, maintaining an online presence, rehearsing, and the list goes on. With so many cogs in the wheel, it can leave little time to improve your live music performance. However, your live shows are your product, and making improvements is essential for generating more dedicated fans. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together five tips for boosting your live performance game.

Tell a Story

Putting on an incredible live performance goes far beyond playing music and expecting fans to be engaged. Instead, you need to tell a story and guide your audience through to the end of the show. When you’re playing shows, take time to talk to the audience and let them know the meanings of your songs. If each of your albums follows a different theme, use lighting, costumes, and stage presence to reflect each segment of your setlist.

Craft the Perfect Setlist

Improve Live Music Performances

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Live shows need to be exciting, so spend some time thinking about where to place the songs – you don’t want to be playing lengthy ballads back-to-back. Make sure you’re breaking up your slower songs with mid to high-tempo tunes, which will prevent people from getting bored. If you want to spice things up, throw in a cheeky cover or two to keep people on their toes.

Film Your Live Shows

Have someone film your shows. Not only will the footage be great content for social media, but it will allow you to pick apart your performance. Knowing how you sound and look on stage will help you to improve your performance. If you can’t find a professional photographer, you can set up a tripod to catch some basic footage. However, you should try to avoid using your smartphone camera because the picture won’t be great, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Play to Different Audience Members

When you’re playing live there is a whole audience trying to get your attention, so make sure you switch things up. Turn your attention to different groups of people, in different areas of the crowd, to help bring them in and keep them engaged. People at the back of the show have paid the same amount of money for a ticket, so make sure they’re being treated equally.

Finer Details

Outside of your physical performance, you can upgrade your tech to bring a better sound with you. For example, you can use an Auto-Tune for Live Performance, which will help to iron out your vocals. You don’t need any extra gear with you because the auto-tuner can be used from your computer or mobile phone, which is great for versatility.

Playing a live performance takes more than just showing up and playing songs. You need to think carefully about your setlist to keep your audience engaged because no one wants to listen to a handful of slow songs back-to-back. To help you get a handle on your live performances, film a show to pull apart.

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