Jordyn Jones on Her Passion for Both Music and Dance

Jordyn Jones’ life has been all about dance, and while much of it still is, she’s transitioning to making her own original music. From participating on the Ultimate Dance Competition to scripted performances in the YouTube movie Dance Camp, Jones is taking her career to new heights. For this 16-year-old, life’s a song and a dance.

Cliché: You’ve been dancing since you were 2 years old. How did you first start?
Jordyn Jones: Well, my mom owned two dance studios in Michigan, so it was an easy transition into performing. The very first thing I did was professional baton twirling, and then I moved on to dance.
Do you have a favorite style of dance?
I love any style of dance, but my favorite is hip hop.
What factors do you consider when choosing a song to dance to for your videos?
I have to like the song, and it needs to have the energy to make great dance choreography.

You’re still so young, but what have been some of your favorite memories?
I loved performing in New York in front of almost two thousand people. I also love that I get to perform with all my friends because they’re my backup dancers.
How was it appearing on the Ultimate Dance Competition?
It was really fun. I learned a lot about dance and discipline and made some great friends during the process.
How is it making the switch to original music?
It’s definitely a learning process. All the songs have to become about me, so I need to use more of my own voice in the lyrics. But then I can call a song entirely my own, so that’s super cool.
Do you write your own music? If so, where do you draw inspiration?
Not yet, but I definitely contribute to the songwriting process with phrases and ideas. The inspiration needs to come from my actual life and just things me and my friends talk about.
Was music always tied in with your goals?
What’s your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to tour around the world and maybe start my own fashion line.
What else is next for you?
I’m going to release two more original songs by the summer, and hopefully keep touring for my fans. I’m also in talks with some big music producers, but I can’t share anything just yet, so stay tuned!
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Jordyn Jones on Her Passion for Both Music and Dance: Photographed by Bonnie Nichoalds

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