7 Ladies’ Night In Ideas

You know how it is: going on a night out is always fun but sometimes you just want to stay in with your girls. Sure, dancing like no one’s watching is what the weekends all about, but we have some alternatives for those of us who need something a little different sometimes. So grab a bottle of wine each and let’s start having some fun!

movies photoMovie Marathon

Choosing your movie marathon is easy: just queue up a few movies you all like or ones you love that the others have missed. Netflix has a fantastic library of movies whether you and your girls are into chick flicks, thrillers or sci-fi. Plus, we guarantee there’ll be a drinking game for at least some of the more popular movies!

Games Nightsscrabble

Games nights are one of our favorite past times as they can really bring us closer to each other – you know, as long as the competitive friend keeps her cool. Don’t worry; we all have at least one. To host an incredible games night in, all you have to do is get your board games out, set up your games console or bookmark some mobile casinos and wait for the fun to begin.

The Great Bestie Bake Off

If you and your besties enjoy baking – to be fair, even if you don’t it’ll probably just make it funnier- then now is the time to pull out your baking trays and icing bags. Google some recipes for pies, cakes or cookies and get your bake on: whoever bakes the best dessert wins and whoever loses will not be in charge of catering at any future event.

makup-madnessMakeup Madness

Chances are you’ve seen the incredible makeup tutorials on YouTube, right? Well, it’s time to get some practice to see if you can reach that level of artistic beauty. Pick a video each and either attempt to recreate the looks by yourselves or work on each other.

Let’s Get Crafty

DIY blogs and crafty Pinterest boards are more popular than ever, so why not invite your friends round to see what sort of masterpieces or monstrosities you can create. We recommend you stay away from the wine if you’re handling tools though, that includes scissors.

spa photoSpa Night

Speaking of online tutorials, there are thousands of DIY spa treatments scattered around the web that you and your gal pals can create. From honey facials to egg yolk hair masks: they’re all online and all you need to do is get the ingredients. Alternatively, you can all just bring your best creams over and pamper yourselves without making a mess.

Favorite Things

Although you all know each other so well, each of us are always gathering our own favorite things. So why not share your favorite things with your favorite people? Bring a bag or write a list of your favorite beauty products, destinations, pictures, recipes, experiences, even gardening equipment if that’s what you’re into. If you love something enough to share it, chances are your friends will like it to and appreciate the shout.
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