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Adelaine Morin Releases Long Awaited Debut EP, Stages

Adelaine Morin

TODAY, singer and social media sensation Adelaine Morin dropped her first official EP, Stages. The collection includes the successful, recently released singles CTRL ALT DEL and SPF 50, which both already garnered over 1M streams.

Click here to listen.

Adelaine MorinThe EP itself follows Adelaine through one year of personal emotions, experiences, heartache and healing. Created to reflect the six stages of grief, each track aims to encourage and empower women who simply do not need any toxic people in their lives anymore and are ready to help build each other up.

“Music was the one thing that helped me and I hope that it helps my girls going through something similar. I hope they know they’re a bad b**** and  not alone during one of the loneliest times in your life.” — Adelaine Morin

                                             Track List

1.     I Love You & That’s Too Bad
2.     Bottle of Sunshine
3.     SPF 50
4.     Ctrl Alt Del
5.     Golden Hour
6.     Self Love

Up next, Adelaine will release a string of coinciding visuals to accompany the tracks and has plans to drop new music in the first quarter for 2021. 

Adelaine’s past credits include, “Nobody Cares About Your Instagram”, which has garnered over 160K views in less than a month, “Hot Mess” – which has garnered 282K views on YouTube since its release early March, “Yellow” – which has a whopping 1.7M views to date, and “Girls Supporting Girls” – with 535K views since it’s release in 2019.


Adelaine Morin is best known for dominating the YouTube space with viral content targeting beauty, fashion, the self-help/empowerment space. She is taking over the conversation about women empowerment, gender equality, and racial inclusivity all over her digital platforms.

Adelaine MorinShe started as a YouTube sensation, and has now moved into using her platform to speak up for what she believes in. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Adelaine has amassed a following well outside of her hometown, with an international following of over 4.5 million across platforms, garnered from a combination of social media, her musical hits, and her multitude of industry-varying brand deals – including her Adelaine x Tarte collab, #GirlsSupportingGirls merch, her Collab with Windsor Store and a Wildflower case collaboration which dropped this month. 

Adelaine is a master of having her hand in a multitude of areas at once. Aside from her upcoming EP, there are talks of touring, once safe again, plus a clothing line, an alcohol brand deal coming 2021, and hosting in her near future. Her end goal is to be the “internet big sister” we all need. She loves speaking to her following about taboo subjects and showing girls they don’t have to compete, but rather raise each other up.

She aims to spread the message of female empowerment – she firmly believes women should empower one another – a theme found in everything she does. She fights for gender equality, advocates the abandonment of photoshop, and promotes for inclusivity of all races and disabilities – she makes it a priority to be inclusive and diverse in her photoshoots for this reason. She believes women are strong and independent with and without a man – and her loyal fans love her for this positive messaging! 

When Adelaine isn’t busy being a media sensation, musical artist, brand ambassador, and business mogul, she enjoys spending her time helping in the community, volunteering or donating to philanthropies, and keeps sane with weekly calls to her life coach.

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