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It’s no secret that Human Trafficking exists, but surprisingly, not enough people know about it. That’s where Mattie Montgomery from the band For Today comes in. After learning about the horrors of Human Trafficking currently going on in the world, he decided to take to the Internet to raise awareness through his music. We joined the band on the road for a day to get Montgomery’s views on the issue, and learned how another voice that can make a difference is our own.
Cliché: Your album as well as the single “Fight The Silence” is all about the fight against Human Trafficking. How were you first brought to awareness on human trafficking and what was your initial reaction?
Mattie Montgomery: I had heard about human trafficking from websites, videos, TV, etc. over the years prior to writing “Fight the Silence,” but while I was in the studio, a friend sent me a link to an awareness-raising video about it and, for some reason, it just hit me differently that day. I sat in the studio weeping, thinking to myself that nobody deserves to be bought and sold like property. That day, I decided: I may not have the money, influence, or knowledge to bring human trafficking to an end, but I DO have a voice, and I DO have a platform. So, I’ll use what I have to help shine a light on this injustice, and hopefully see some positive progress because of it.
How have your fans reacted to the album and single?
We’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to the album.  Fans who have been with us since the beginning are happy, but we’ve also heard from many people who never really gave us a chance before. They said they heard this album and it changed their opinion about For Today. So, that’s great.
Is there another organization that you’re involved with that helps shed light on the darkness of human trafficking?
Yes, the A21 Campaign. People can visit and donate, or share their information to help bring this enormous humanitarian issue to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness.
In addition to the vocal awareness that your band has brought to human trafficking in 2014, how are you planning on educating others in 2015?
Honestly, at this point, we have nothing planned. But, we’re always looking for new opportunities/ideas, and I’m sure we’ll cook up some ways to stay in the fight!
Besides human trafficking, are there any causes that you all as a band want to bring to light?
Yeah, the cause of mental, emotional, and spiritual slavery. Too many people in our generation live without hope, peace, or real love because of the brokenness and darkness of our world. Much more than we speak about human trafficking, we speak about the message of hope that can be found in Jesus Christ. Every one of the guys in our band is a living example that Jesus still saves sinners from their sin, their shame, and their brokenness today, and that ANYONE (no matter what kind of lifestyle or background you come from) can be made a completely new creation if they would simply call on Him!
Overall, are you all satisfied with the message that you have helped convey?
Absolutely. Our job is to deliver the message. But, we can only sit back and hope and pray that it has an impact.
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For Today Interview: Image by Photographed by Imani Givertz

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