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Keeping our skin looking and feeling good from the inside out is one of our top beauty priorities here at Cliché. After all, it is the only skin we live in, so nourishing it with the right products can create long-lasting results for years to come. If we’re lucky, it’ll be results that will keep our skin healthy, pampered, and looking a couple years younger! Sounds like a beauty secret we all would love to know about, right? Luckily, we’re here to share with you that beauty secret: a skincare brand that creates their products from the most organic ingredients, all with the motive to keep your skin at its best. Allow us to introduce all you beauty lovers out there to Zoe Natural Creations. This is a brand that is passionate about handcrafting all natural skincare products, from scrubs and butters to aromatherapy pillows and soaps, for not only beautiful quality products, but pampering ones for both your body and soul.
The brand’s ingredients include coconut, herbs, essential oils, spices, flowers, and more from Mother Nature herself. Not only will you be able to know the ingredients labeled on Zoe’s products, but you’ll be knowledgeable about what they do as well. Say goodbye to any beauty products in your closet with components that either sound weird or don’t explain how they will affect your skin, and replace them for good with skincare products from the finest ingredients made by real people that are determined to create the best just for you.
From the words of owner/chief soap maker at Zoe Natural Creations, Shawna Wilkinson, “I’m constantly inspired by the amazing smells, colors, and textures that nature provides, and I enjoy putting a new twist on tried and true formulations as well as coming up with fresh discoveries. There is never a dull day in the Zoe soap kitchen. We love every product we make, and we know you will, too!”
znc VDay
Soak in delightful scrubs made from heavenly ingredients, including the V Day Sugar Body Scrub. This is a scrub made to make every day feel like it’s Valentine’s Day. Its ingredients include cane sugar, which is perfect for exfoliating skin, and rose petals for that extra luxurious touch. Other ingredients are vitamin E, almond oil, and grapefruit, all of which create a lush experience. Bath time never felt so good!
vday soap
Make bath time even more delicious by combining the V Day Sugar Body Scrub with the V Day Bar Soap. The hypnotizing scents from this bar of soap will not only make you fall in love, but your significant other will, too. Combined with grapefruit, shea butter, essential oils, madder root powder, and more organic ingredients, this bar soap soaks into your skin as naturally as it is made. You’ll feel just as good as it is.
VDay Shea Butter
Moisturize your skin with the V Day Shea Butter that will keep your skin hydrated all day long. If the delicious scent doesn’t get you at first, then the natural feel of this moisturizer across your skin definitely will. With organic shea butter, vitamins A, E, and F, and peru balsam, your skin will remain naturally elasticized, scaring any ideas of wrinkles away. Sounds (and smells!) good to me!
Zoe Natural Creations is a family-owned business from North Charleston, South Carolina intent on creating only the best that life has to offer with their clients. Their products can be found on their website,, as well as in shops across the United States and in artisan shops located near the North Charleston area. Stock up on your own “body and soul” products from Zoe Natural Creations, especially now for the Valentine’s Day season. Guys reading this—you’re very welcome!
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