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COLOURS Chat About Their Debut Album, ‘Ivory’

Best described as brooding and gritty, the Florida-based band COLOURS, made up of vocalist Kyle Tamo and drummer Morgan Alley, is here to surprise and inspire. Tamo tells us about the creation of the band’s debut album, Ivory, and what it was like working with producer Shaun Lopez and fashion model Meghan Collison during the process.

Cliché: For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you best describe your sound?
Kyle Tamo: I think the sound of COLOURS is best described as brooding. It’s dark pop with a gritty, electronic, R&B undertone.

What inspired the songs on your album Ivory? Would you say there is an over-arching theme?
Inspiration inspired the album Ivory. COLOURS was formed around the idea of inspiring. With that in mind, the theme of the album has a very intense sensuality throughout.

Could you tell us about the creative process for the album? How was it working with producer Shaun Lopez?
Working with Shaun Lopez could not of been more right for Ivory. He saw our vision very early on and jumped on board offering an amazing ear for tone and a mood to our

Tell us the story about your lead single “Monster.” What inspired it, and how did the idea for the music video come to be?
“Monster” was written very early in the creation of Ivory. It encompasses the heart of the album in respects of mood and intensity. We knew from the beginning the video had to match such a vibe. The song speaks about the uncontrollable urge to be someone primal or visceral for someone else. When someone invokes a passion in you that makes you feel like someone you’ve never been, that is the atmosphere around “Monster.”

How was it working with fashion model Meghan Collison for the music video? How did she first get involved in the project?
Meghan could not of been better to work with. Passionate, beautiful, brooding, and creative, she offered the visual representation of the song in every sense of the word. Meghan and I had been friends for years and have always been close. I always respected her vision and would constantly bounce ideas off her from the genesis of COLOURS. As kind as she is talented, she loved the idea of being in the video and went to great lengths to make it work for us.

If you could work or collab with anyone else someday, who would it be?
I think any artist that respects his or her craft through every detail is someone we want to work with. Fashion designer, musician, movie director, painter… it doesn’t matter the art. If they respect the details, there is always something to learn from working together.

What else can we expect from you guys this coming year?
I think COLOURS surprises anyone who gives it the opportunity. With that, we expect to surprise many this year. Offering a sound that inspires a lifestyle, we hope to reach as many ears and eyes as possible.

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COLOURS Chat About Their Debut Album, ‘Ivory’: Photographed by Dustin Smith

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