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Aidan Alexander, Your Friend For ‘The End of the World’

This past year felt more like the end of the world than any before. If there is one thing being stuck inside has taught us, it is the importance of having a friend for the end of the world. Enter, Aidan Alexander

The name Aidan Alexander is one you may already be familiar with. The 21-year-old from Boise, Idaho made his on-screen debut at 15 in “Red Wing” starring opposite Luke Perry and Bill Paxton. Since then, Aidan has graced the screen in films such as “F*&% the Prom” and “Vikes” as well as in the series “Granite Flats.” While acting is a beloved passion of his, Aidan Alexander always intended to stretch his wings further. 

The actor/singer/songwriter is entering a new phase of his career with the release of his latest single “the end of the world.In 2018, Aidan released his first single, I Don’t Love You, an emotional ballad penned by Aidan that garnered praise from PAPER, Billboard, Consequence of Sound, and the like. However, “the end of the world” marks his first music release in nearly two years. 

This track beautifully encapsulates the feelings of existential dread while being cinematic in nature. In his own words, Aidan says, “The song is about learning to let people in, which I fucking hate. It’s about how human connection is all we have. Writing it, I was trying to create this ballad-esque pop song that still had movement and didn’t drag its feet. I didn’t want it to be melancholy or sad, but more of a celebration of letting your loneliness die.” 

Listen to “the end of the world” here!

With this latest release, there is so much we wanted to know about Aidan Alexander and his artistry so we caught up with him to talk about his single, his inspirations and much much more! 

Cliché: You’ve had such a successful acting career so far. What made you want to explore making music?

Aidan: Since I was little, music was always something that was a big part of my life. I always loved to write growing up. Music allowed me to explore myself and tell my own story. Acting was my first love, and I still love it, but you’re telling somebody else’s story. Music is my own. 

aidan alexander

This last year has given me a lot of alone time, for sure. The pandemic has required me to be stuck with myself a bit more than I’m usually comfortable with, and in that I think I have been able to grow and find new inspiration. There has been so much good art coming out in the last year, both movies and albums, so there’s a lot of motivation to be found in that.

Many actors/musicians find that acting is an escape from themselves while making music is discovering themselves. How do you feel about that having done both now?

I definitely agree with that sentiment. I think you also discover a lot about yourself acting, but music is definitely a much more vulnerable experience, at least for me.  It reveals where you need to improve yourself, and I am constantly looking to improve and learn more about myself. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do it in a way that I love.

Would you ever want to score a film?

Honestly, I hadn’t thought about that but I think I’d love it. I’m a huge fan of scores, though! I think Interstellar and Phantom of the Opera have such beautiful pieces of music. At the moment, I don’t think I have the classical training to be able to compose music to the caliber I hold myself to, but I definitely would be interested in exploring and collaborating with someone in the future if it made sense.

As a lyricist and an actor, what do you enjoy about storytelling through music versus through films? Do you prefer one over another?

I get asked about this a lot and can never answer. They go really hand in hand for me, like two sides to a coin. I think there are days where I have a favorite, but I really think each thing engages different muscles. I’m not sure I could pick one. Expressing myself through music is something I really enjoy because it’s completely my own. I am in charge of what I am saying and the message I want to convey, which is something you don’t always have the chance to do in film.


Aidan AlexanderTell us about your latest single “the end of the world.” What inspired you to make it?

This last year has felt very apocalyptic, and I wanted to play into that a bit. As much as it is reflecting on the last year’s events, it was also a scream for connection. Being alone in my apartment for days on end made me realize I don’t like being alone as much as I thought I did, so I put that into a song.

Who are some of your creative inspirations?

I try to find inspiration wherever I can, whether it’s something I’m personally experiencing at any given time or just a stranger talking on the phone on the street. On the artist side, I grew up listening to Lorde religiously. Her songwriting and willingness to take risks and not fit the mold is inspiring. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Joan Didion. The way she can remove herself from tragedy and write about it objectively is so insanely brave and powerful. When something big happens to me that I want to write about, I find myself trying to emulate that removal from oneself. It’s difficult, but a big inspiration.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been really lucky to work with a lot of great artists this year and have been recording so much music! I am gearing up to release my new song ‘the hills‘ on March 5th, with more to come after.

Be sure to check out “the end of the world” and presave “the hills,” out on March 5th! 

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