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Ronnie Watts and Jorlov Release Intimate Video for “WAKE UP”

Ronnie Watts

Following the release of their collaborative single, “WAKE UP,” pop newcomers Ronnie Watts and Jorlov accompany the track with an intimate montage video, out now! Blending elements of grunge, trap and electro-pop, “WAKE UP” offers itself up as a safe space for listeners to turn to in their darkest moments.

The accompanying visual serves as a casual glimpse into Ronnie Watts and Jorlov’s friendship. The track’s dual melancholy and catchiness runs parallel with the intimate moments the camera catches of Ronnie and Jorlov. Watts’ soft-spoken, heart-wrenching lyrics melt seamlessly with Jorlov’s heavy-hitting trap influenced beats and commandeering flow. The video shines in its ability to perfectly capture the camaraderie of both artists. “WAKE UP” reminds you that you are never alone. 

Ronnie Watts explains,“when you wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like you’re the only one awake. You have to have something to get you through when life gets tough. I hope people will hear this song and feel like they have two new friends to lean on.”

Watch the video for  “WAKE UP” here!

The collaboration comes after Ronnie’s recently released debut EP ‘I Don’t Trust U At All.’ The project has garnered over 1 million streams and praises from American Songwriter, Pop-Culturalist, Spindle and more. Through each of her releases, Ronnie has elevated her sound while deepening her vulnerability. In all aspects, Ronnie has pushed herself as an artist, displaying growth and consistently releasing songs and visuals that speak to her level of introspection. This latest collaboration continues to highlight Ronnie’s effortless ability to emotionally connect with her audience.

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