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Why Getting out of the House is Vital for Your Mental Health

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Today we want to share 3 reasons why getting out of the house is vital for your mental health. Over the last year, many of us have been trapped inside under government guidance. To protect ourselves and our loved ones, we’ve all been making ourselves busy inside. From baking banana bread to home workouts – we’ve all found different things to keep ourselves entertained.

Now, as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many of us are starting to venture further from home. But did you know that not only does getting out of the house decrease boredom, it is also important for your mental health.  

If you needed more convincing to get out of the house and moving again, we’ve rounded up our top three reasons why getting out of the house is vital for your mental health.

  1. It improves your mood
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Spending time in green spaces or incorporating nature into everyday life benefits both your mental and physical wellbeing.

By taking the time to visit green spaces such as parks or woodland, you can benefit from an improved mood, decreased stress levels and a sense of relaxation. This is because spending time outdoors lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones.

So why not hop on the next train to somewhere green and enjoy the calming and enchanting effect of nature.

  1. Fights depression and anxiety

According to research, Covid-19 has been linked to depression and dementia. Therefore, it’s important to do all you can to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

Luckily, spending time in a green environment is said to improve self esteem and improve symptoms of depression. As well, by getting out and walking in nature you are also able to get more active, which also decreases depression and anxiety.

  1. Getting outside improves your focus
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As well as helping to de-stress, getting outside and visiting new places can help increase your focus. If you’ve ever been struggling to get through a task at work, you may have noticed that by taking a break and short walk, you have been able to concentrate much better afterwards.

Getting out and about increases your focus so much that in one study, children with ADHD were able to concentrate better on a task after a walk in the park.

The bottom line

As restrictions ease and we’re allowed to go out once more, it can be tempting to continue sitting inside with a cup of tea. However, where you can, you should really consider taking the time to visit new places. Seeing something new or traveling somewhere helps to bring a bit of perspective to anything you’ve been worried about and can really benefit your mental health. 

Where will you head next?

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