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What is the Best IMEI Checker Tool for Your iPhone?

IMEI checker tool

Today we want to share more info on what is the best IMEI checker tool for your iPhone. IMEI number is a mysterious figure stamped in various parts of your phone. Many people are unaware that it helps identify the phones (both smart and basic version).

The secondary purpose of the IMEI number is to prevent theft. As this number is hard-coded to all mobile devices, it is nearly impossible for the thief to change it and expects to use it. 

Here are some of the best IMEI checker tools for your iPhone. 

IMEI checker tool

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  • How is an IMEI number helpful for me?

International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Number (IMEI) is a unique 15 digit number. 

This number varies even with the same model. For example, no two iPhone 10 have the same IMEI number, or in that case, no two phones of the same or different models have the same IMEI number.  

It is given during the manufacturing for identification purposes. Even when you change your SIM card, your device can be traced using the IMEI number easily. 

Can anybody use my IMEI number to track me? 

Yes, but not necessarily trace you unless they have your personal identification linked to the number. 

Particularly with prepaid customers, there is no signed contract between them and the wireless network they use. 

Indeed, it becomes difficult for the Government or hackers to trace you as it doesn’t happen to any average citizen. 

  • 4 Best IMEI checker tool for iPhone

You can get full information about your device when you use an IMEI checker tool. Plus, this is essential for second-hand phone buyers to identify whether their phone is unlocked or blacklisted. 

Here are four free IMEI checker tools for your iPhone. 

  • is a website to check your IMEI number. For accessing your phone’s information, you need to provide the 15 digit IMEI number. 

You can notice the IMEI number in your phone box, sim card tray, or dial *#06#. 

The website immediately provides you information about your iPhone and the network. 

Some of the information includes 

  1. Fake or original
  2. The version of your iPhone
  3. Warranty
  4. Purchase Date
  5. Country of manufacturing
  6. Color and Capacity
  • is also an online tool to give you details about your phone. It has an attractive interface. 

You need to enter your IMEI number in the search bar and click the check button to instantly retrieve all the information. 

This website provides you details on

  1. All basic details about your phone
  2. Find my phone status
  3. iCloud status
  4. Blacklist status
  5. Seller information
  6. Network and sim lock check
  7. Unlocking sim lock
  8. Carrier and warranty check. 

You can also unlock your iPhone from this website with just the IMEI number.

  • iPhoneIMEI is similar to the other two IMEI checker tools exclusively for iPhones. You need to provide your mobile’s IMEI number and click the “Start Now” option. 

It gives your phone details within a few seconds. However, you need to pay some amount to retrieve the carrier information and activation lock status. 

After making the payment, you get the sim lock status within 48 hours. 

If your phone is locked, this website whitelists your IMEI in the manufacturer’s database and syncs it with your network, which takes a few hours. During this time, you can use your phone for any normal activities.

Once the whole process is done, you get the email from this website to confirm the completion. Finally, your phone is unlocked using Wifi or mobile data connection. 

  • iUnlocker

iUnlocker is an online IMEI checker tool. Enter your IMEI number to access the wide variety of information about your iPhone.

Technical support, blacklist status, and repairs & service coverage are some of the exclusive details you can get from it.

However, you can retrieve Carrier & sim lock and seller information only after paying a certain amount. Plus, you can request the device unlock. 


Using any one of these sites, you can easily get your phone details. 

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