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7 Confidence Killers You Can Do Something About

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Today we want to discuss 7 confidence killers you can do something about. Women face insecurities and challenges each day that could derail their self-confidence. Thought patterns and physical factors could increase these difficulties, and they may need new ways to manage them. By addressing confidence killers, ladies develop more confidence and avoid negative outcomes.

Heavy or Excessive Bleeding During Periods

Confidence Killers

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Heavy or excessive bleeding during their period is called menorrhagia, and for many women, it presents embarrassing moments. Heavier bleeding requires them to change their pad or tampon more frequently, and if they do not change them quickly enough, they could bleed onto their clothing. All women have experienced these moments in their lifetime, and it is an immediate confidence killer, and it makes some women want to stay home as much as possible during their periods.

The Curse of Overthinking Everything

Everyone is guilty of overthinking at one time or another in their lives. It is normal to consider all angles of a situation and make a well-informed decision. It is another thing to obsess about the situation until the person has created the worst possible scenario in their head. To avoid overthinking, they can sit down and create the pros and cons of the situation, and then let it go.

The Dramatic Script In Your Head

Overthinking often leads to a full-blown dramatization of the situation, and the dramatization may be nothing close to what is really happening. By creating drama in their heads, ladies could create a problem that isn’t even there. They will lose self-confidence based on this unrealistic drama they’ve created by overthinking and dreaming up different scenarios. Communication with the person in question is better than solving problems through dramatizations.

Surrounding Yourself With Negative Thinkers

Confidence Killers

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The people that are around the person every day that affects how they think, how they react to anything, and their confidence levels. If they hear nothing but negative thoughts and comments, the person adapts to these thought processes and internalizes them. If their friends are always negative, maybe it’s time to find new friends.

Convincing Yourself That You Aren’t Worthy

Self-talk must remain positive. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t call themselves out on their own negative behavior patterns, but it is the things they say to themselves that have the greatest impact on how they see themselves. If a person continues to convince themselves over and over that they are not worthy, they will believe it. By breaking this cycle, they can rebuild their confidence and recognize their worth.

Creating a Mental Catalog of Failures

Some people spend hours cataloging their failures, and for most, these thoughts arrive when they are trying to go to sleep at night. By taking on a fresh perspective, they can begin by viewing their failures as attempts. The truth about failures is that they are proof that the person is trying, and if they take on this mindset, they restore confidence and avoid sabotaging their efforts.

Self-Sabotaging Everything Good in Your Life

Self-sabotaging behavior patterns not only diminish the self-confidence, but they also stop the person from accepting anything good that comes their way. These behaviors force conflict and create the outcome the person fears the most. Instead of opening themselves up to good things, they pick them apart until they force others to react in the way they expected.

The best practices to stop self-sabotaging behaviors are to identify these behaviors and take steps to avoid them. Whenever they feel that they are about to start these actions, the person can separate themselves from the situation until they uncloud their mind and find their center.

For women, there are several confidence killers that don’t just affect their confidence, but the factors affect their lives, too. By identifying confidence killers and how to avoid them, women can improve their lives. They can also create a better life for everyone they care about the most.

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