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4 Tips for Setting Your 2021 Resolutions

Setting Your 2021 Resolutions

Today we want to share 4 tips for setting your 2021 resolutions. This year has been quite challenging, to say the least. If you’re eager to leave it behind, though, it’s time to start setting your intentions for the new year ahead.

Creating New Year’s resolutions for 2021 can be tricky, especially if you’re a bit deflated about how the ones you planned for this year likely went down the drain rather quickly.

That said, if you follow these tips to effectively set and accomplish New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be able to go into 2021 feeling confident and positive about your future.

1. Give Yourself an Incentive

If you’re like most people, you likely won’t be able to accomplish much without an incentive to guide you. For example, if weight loss or sticking to a better diet/exercise routine is your resolution, consider ordering new lingerie, garters or other sexy apparel as you start to see results or make progress with your goals.

Just the thought of being able to slip into some sexy undergarments should help push you toward your goals. To set this up, create mini-goals with a small reward once you accomplish each one. That way, you’ll have a clear motivation to keep going before you reach your final goal (upon which, you can really splurge as a way to celebrate your success).

Setting Your 2021 Resolutions

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2. Stay Specific with Any Goal-Setting

Sure, it’s easy to say you want to be happier or lose weight. But because these are such large, ambiguous goals, you need to define them a little better. Otherwise, you’ll never feel like you’ve accomplished anything. If you want to be happier, think about why you’re unhappy. Is it because you don’t have enough friends or hate your job? If so, these are the areas of your life on which to improve. 

Make sure these goals are measurable, too. That way, you can use the incentive method above every time you reach a predetermined level. Create a timeline for each specific level you want to reach. In fact, you may want to follow the SMART methodology — goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

3. Be Realistic

Of course, wanting to become a billionaire is a great goal to have. But is it something you’ll realistically be able to attain within the next year? Probably not, unless you’re the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your dreams. Just make sure to start small. Rather than jumping straight to 10-figure savings, why not try to save just a few thousand dollars first? Then, once you’ve accomplished that, you can jump into higher tiers of earnings.

4. Don’t Rely on Your Resolutions Too Much

Let’s be real — if 2021 goes anything like 2020, we’re all in for some heartbreak tossed with a side of despair. While having goals is important, especially in an effort to stay positive, try not to put much stock into them. Setting goals that are too lofty, especially with current COVID-19 restrictions in place, might be setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s a chance you may not be able to achieve what you set out to accomplish. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure, and it doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope. Rather, it means you’re a human being living in a tough world.

Prepare for the New Year

2021 is a new chapter. And now, you should be armed with strategies to implement when setting your New Year’s resolutions. With these tips, you now have effective ways of holding yourself accountable in accomplishing them.+

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