How Desirable Body Features Have Changed Over Time

How Desirable Body Features Have Changed Over Time

Today we want to discuss how desirable body features have changed over time. You see the term ‘desirable body features,’ and you probably wonder what that means. Effectively, we’re talking about parts of the body that are often put under the microscope. Not literally – they’re the body parts that most people pay attention to. Over the years, certain body parts and types have been seen as desirable by loads of us. Whether this is through media portrayal or the beauty industry’s advertising, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how things have changed over time. In fact, it’s very intriguing to look at some areas of the body and see how differently they’ve been viewed!

Big breasts or small breasts?

how desirable body features have changed over timeIt only seems natural to begin our journey with one of the most noticeable body parts. The way boobs have been presented to us has changed a lot over the years. For a long time, big boobs were always seen as the hottest property. If you had DD boobs, you were winning at life. All of the ‘hottest women alive’ were depicted with perfectly perky and well-rounded bosoms. Women all over the world were looking for one of the top 5 breast augmentation surgeons to help them achieve the full-breasted look! It was typically seen as the most desirable feature that men wanted in women, leading lots of girls to do everything they could to achieve this look. 

Nowadays, things have changed slightly. While small boobs aren’t necessarily desirable, women seem to care less about them. Big boobs are definitely coveted by many girls, but they aren’t seen as such an essential feature as they used to. Thankfully, this is largely down to girls not caring what guys think about their bodies. This sense of female empowerment has made women realize that big boobs or small boobs, it doesn’t really matter. Plus, we definitely see more representation from women of all bust sizes in the media nowadays!

The rise of the big bum

Cast your mind back a few decades ago, and a big bum was not desirable at all. Women would actively go out of their way to find clothing that flattened and condensed their booties. Why? Again, it’s all down to media representation. People associated big bums with a sense of being a larger woman. Remember, the archetypal ‘attractive woman’ used to be seen as a slim woman with no curves. This is what people desired for many years, so the big bum was shunned. 

Well, how times have changed! Now, you can’t go anywhere without people raving about big behinds. It is definitely seen as a feature people are keen to have. The amount of people and celebrities looking for Brazilian butt lifts is a testament to how popular this feature is. There are a couple of reasons this body part has undergone such a drastic change of perception. The first is that people like Kim Kardashian have become very popular, almost entirely due to their big bums. The second is that a big bum embraces a more natural-looking woman. It’s shown girls all over the world that you don’t have to be really slim or skinny to be attractive. A lot of slightly larger-framed women have learned to embrace their big bums and show them off. 

A curvy hourglass figure

Speaking of big bums, this leads us perfectly to the idea of a curvy woman. Again, this was never seen as attractive a few decades ago. It was almost agreed that, if you had curves, it meant you were ‘fat.’ Yes, this is the most ridiculous statement and observation anyone could ever make. You don’t even need half a brain to figure out that this simply isn’t true at all. Sadly, it’s how a lot of women were conditioned to think back in the day. 

Thankfully, times have changed and curves are now seen as beautiful. Ironically, it’s almost gone in the complete opposite direction, and people without curves are left to feel ugly. This is a really sad reflection on how women’s bodies are viewed in society. It always seems as though one body-type is deemed the most beautiful when in reality all bodies are beautiful in their own way. Anyway back to the point; the hourglass figure has grown in popularity over the last decade or so. While many women used to curse their luck at having wide hips, it’s seen as a very desirable feature in modern times. 

To lift weights or not to lift weights?

how desirable body features have changed over timeThis is a change that has only really happened in the last five or so years. Previously, the idea of women lifting weights was frowned upon. Well, maybe that’s not the right way of putting it. It was seen as a manly habit, leading women to deduce that lifting weights made you look like a bulky man. This is why so many old-school fitness programs and videos for women featured aerobic-style exercises. The idea of having any muscle on your body wasn’t something people wanted. 

These days, women have grown to appreciate the benefits of lifting weights. As such, the concept of a toned or muscular body is far more desirable. The birth of Instagram and fitness influencers is definitely responsible for this. It’s shown a lot of young women that having muscle-definition isn’t a bad thing. Ultimately, this has seen massive growth in girls going to the gym and lifting weights. More women are confident in their bodies and feel stronger than ever. Plus, they benefit from the health advantages that lifting weights brings. We also hope you have a healthy diet and schedule. Sweatsuit set wholesale can help you exercise better, we wish you a healthy and beautiful yourself! Wholesale sweatsuits available at Feelingirldress website will surely meet the expectations of even the most demanding fashionistas.

To conclude, you can see how these features have changed in the way people perceive them. It’s very interesting to look at different aspects and notice that they went from being unpopular to popular, or vice versa. Still, the main thing to take from all of this is that you really shouldn’t pay attention to trends.  Different features were seen as desirable at different points in life. Doesn’t this tell you that there’s beauty in all women? Forget about what’s popular and what used to be popular; learn to love yourself and recognize that all women are beautiful.

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