PSA: Pimple Patches Really Work

Ok, so these seem gimmicky, right? That’s what I thought when I first heard about them. I mean, they’re essentially a Band-Aid that claims it will shrink and/or get rid of a blemish overnight. To me, the claims were too high and I wasn’t buying it. I mean, literally they weren’t getting any of my coins. Then, one day, Emily Ferber of Into the Gloss made my thoughts on pimple patches completely flip. I honestly didn’t even read her article, whoops, but just took a mental note of the title: How Did I Only Just Get Into Pimple Patches?!? However, even with a title that compelling, I still didn’t invest in any acne dots or pimple patches, which I now completely regret.

Image Credit: Anna Sudit

Recently, I found myself on Into the Gloss again, this time reading their most recent ITG Top Shelf. The woman was gorgeous and the product shots were lust-worthy, typical ITG. One of my favorite sections on the site is the comment section, which is full of beauty junkies giving advice and sharing their thoughts on products, which also somehow never falls short on humor. One of the commenters was raving and backing up the products featured in the article and promised skin an infant would envy if you were to use them, so obviously after reading that, I was all in. I wasted no time checking out the site where she had purchased all of her products: Peach and Lily, which specializes in Korean beauty. Of course, one of the first (award-winning) products that popped up on their welcome page was none other than pimple patches. They were only five dollars, so I felt like it would be crazy not to buy them, especially because the other pimple patches that I had come across started at twenty dollars.

Image Credit: @peach_slices on Instagram

Luckily, when my Acne Spot Dot Patches by Peach Slices came in the mail I had the perfect spattering of spots to test out my latest purchase on. I did my normal skincare routine, then stuck a dot onto my blemishes and went to sleep. When I woke up, WOW! I could actually see the sebum that had been sucked out by the patches and when I peeled the stickers off, my blemishes were almost completely flat and on their way to a full recovery. I was so pleased with my purchase that I immediately Snapchatted all of my friends about it and convinced them to buy some, too. Once I ran out, I felt like I didn’t even know how to function without acne dots in my life. I didn’t feel like waiting for another order to come in, so I went to Ulta and picked up a version by Peter Thomas Roth for thirty dollars, which yes, was an insane amount to pay, but I was desperate. Ultimately, I found that I wasn’t thrilled with the results they gave me and will definitely be purchasing the ones from Peach Slices again instead; they’re worth the wait. Overall, just buy pimple patches, ok. They’ll come through for you even when your skin doesn’t.  


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