Kiss Halloween Spirit

 If you looking for some beauty products to top off your Halloween look or to get yourself in the spirit Halloween, Kiss has a lot of great products. The products range in everything from eyes shadow to lipstick. These products will help you get that dramatic look you’re looking for and will definitely get you notice.

  • Kiss Lip Dress

Kiss Halloween Lip Dress is a limited edition and they are flying off the shelves fast. They come in many wild designs like cheetah print and fishnet. They apply like a tattoo. First you cut it to fit you lip, place it on you lip with side facing out and apply water to it with a rag or sponge. I tried it for the first time and I loved the results.

  • Kiss Lash Dress

They apply like normal lashes but they have a more dramatic effect. You can use it as an accent or use the complete lash. They come             in many hot looks like purple feathers, pumpkin patches and cats. They will definitely get you in the spirit of Halloween.

  • Kiss Nail Dress

They come in many designs webs, skulls, cats, vampires and corset looks. You can use them on your toes or fingers. Also you can stick the entire design on you whole nail or cut it up and use piece of it. With these boo-tiful designs they will be the talk of any Halloween party.

  • Kiss  Villain Nail

There based on your favorite Disney Villains which include Ursala, Crulles De Vil, Evil Queen and etc. Everything you need to get these looks are in the kits. I love the idea of it being in a kit because it is organize, come with instructions and it’s fun and easy.
If you are like me and love everything that’s Halloween these are amazing products. It’s the only time where you can go all out on beauty products and look great. These looks are great for Halloween parties, Tick-o-Treating and just celebrating the Halloween spirit. You are sure to look boo-tiful.
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