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Fashion Design Kate Spade Found Dead of an Apparent Suicide

NEWS BULLETIN: Fashion Design Kate Spade Found Dead of an apparent suicide.  According to initial Police sources, they found a suicide note as she apparently hanged herself on her bedroom doorknob which got us thinking. How on earth could someone hang themselves from a bedroom doorknob unless her door was 20 feet high. As with all celebrity news you never really know all of the facts until things have been thoroughly sorted and properly investigated but reports out of New York are pointing to an apparent suicide.  Again, no one really knows for sure if that’s what happened.  Suicide is typically what you hear police say initially to thwart even more gossip as no one really knows for sure.

For those that don’t know, Kate Spade’s maiden name was Brosnahan.  A self made fashion designer and business woman, Kate and her husband founded “Kate Spade Handbags” which was later sold to Neiman Marcus who then sold the brand to Liz Claiborne Inc.  Just last year Coach, Inc. acquired the brand for a staggering $2.4 billion.  While we aren’t sure exactly what happened, details will begin to unfold.  If it turns out the she did in fact commit suicide one will have to wonder what would make such a successful person want to take their own life. Hopefully we’ll soon find out what really happened to Kate Spade.


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