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5 Ways to Support Your Senior Parents as They Age

5 Ways to Support Your Senior Parents as They Age

Today we want to talk about great ways to support your senior parents as they age. There is no denying the fact that our parents are aging. Whether they are in their 60s, 70s, or 80s, this is a reality that people cannot ignore. Right now, there are over 54 million people aged over 65 in the US, and with a life expectancy of 77, the senior population is only set to grow.

The best way to support them is to accept that they might need some help and do your best to offer it. It can be hard, but there are ways you can still be productive and find ways to support your senior parents.

Keep Communication Clear

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Communication is vital when it comes to supporting your parents as they age. There may be a tendency to talk down to them, but this will do more harm than good. Instead of talking down, try engaging in a conversation with them and see if they’re willing to work with you on some issues concerning you.

Let Parents Take The Lead

It’s natural for children to want to take care of their parents. But remember that they may not need as much help as you think. Allow them the opportunity to lead and make decisions about their care and treatment. If they want some help with decision-making, offer your opinion and then let them decide what to do. They may be worried that they’re putting too much on you and don’t want to impose, but this is one way you can check that off of your list.

Discuss Future Plans Regarding Care and Assistance

It is essential to have a conversation with your parents about future care and assistance so they know what to expect. However, it is also important for them to have a say in the decision. If they cannot decide what they want, you can even help them decide by presenting different options such as residing at Bel Air Assisted Living. Set up a meeting to discuss who will be caring for them if their physical or mental abilities start declining.

Be Respectful

ways to support your senior parentsFirst and foremost, be respectful. This is the most important piece of advice we can share: put your parents’ needs before your own. You might not like that they need help, but it could be worse; they may not want the help either. Realize that you are lucky to provide them with some assistance and do your best to make it work for everyone involved.

Be patient and kind as well as an understanding of their needs. Be gentle and kind to them and show support by listening to their worries and fears. For example, if one of your parents gets lost during a walk at night, rather than getting frustrated or upset, use the situation as an opportunity to teach them how to find their way home again in the future. To have the best Elderly Care experience, check out this website for senior placement services in Riverside.

Prioritize Their Well-being

The first thing you want to do is prioritize their well-being. This means taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. One way to take care of them physically is by making sure they eat well and stay active. You can also help them stay active by engaging in some physical activity or dancing with them. You can also help them maintain their mental health by talking to them about the things bothering them or just spending time with them.

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