5 Instagram Accounts that Will Inspire You to Live Healthier

Staying in shape can be a daunting task. It’s a lifestyle that stretches beyond the body and into the mind and soul. And with life’s many responsibilities and distractions, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. If only there was a place where you could find motivating images, delicious recipes, healthy snack ideas, workout videos, and wellness and weight-loss tips. Oh, but there is, and it’s none other than one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram. So, we picked what we felt were the top 5 Instagram accounts that will inspire you to drop that doughnut, get off the couch and hop on the treadmill but only after you’ve scrolled down their addicting timelines for five more minutes.
1) “It was Fit, Fam”
Instagram Handle @FitFamInstagram
This 20 year-old entrepreneur and gym rat posts motivational photos, funny posts and occasional workout videos. He has created a “Fam” of over half a million followers. His profile is all about the women with shredded physiques that will make you throw your excuses out the window and start doing some squats.

2) For the Lazy Girl
Lazy girls can be fit too! @LazyFitGirls will show you tips, tricks and work out routines to help you get in shape and stay healthy without compromising your couch-potato reputation.

3) The Yogi
Instagram handle @linneaslifestyle
This Chicagoan suburbanite is a woman with a dough-like physique. Linnea has been a yoga instructor and a lifestyle blogger for the past two years. She posts workout videos that are not only inspiring but also heart melting, featuring her son and occasionally their fluffy cat.

“He’s very dedicated,” Linnea says about her son, “he even attends my classes sometimes. He’s my greatest teacher and inspires me every day.”

4) The Ultimate Guide
These following accounts and many more are all operated by one person and they have millions of followers combined. No wonder! Their content is amazing, ranging from tips for weight loss, to work out videos, and even healthy recipes. Check them out: @DetoxGuide@Fatloss.Guide  @SlimWaistGuide@ExerciseGuide@IGFitGuide

5) Health Facts

Staying motivated and having a plethora of work out routines is not enough to remain healthy. @FactsofHealth will give you interesting info about food and introduce you to methods to maximize their health benefits. It’s like carrying a doctor in your pocket.
It also posts a lot of wellness and wholesomeness quotes that will inspire you to be a more positive and happy human.
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