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Too Shy to Buy? Put Your Trust in The Experience Channel

Dr. Ava Cadell

For many people, buying and talking about sexual products can be embarrassing to say the least. Condoms, sex toys, lubricants, and even lingerie can make for an uncomfortable purchase, especially for the most shy consumers. And while our parents and grandparents might be appalled at how open our generation is in regard to topics of a sexual nature, much of this subject is still considered largely taboo in our society. Considering the willingness of our generation to share every other detail of our private lives with the world via social networking, it’s surprising that a stigma still surrounds topics like our sexual needs, desires, and fantasies. Over time, we’ve loosened up when it comes to talking about sex, and it’s probably not presumptuous to believe that human beings will only become more comfortable with the topic of sex in years to come.

In the meantime, it’s comforting to know that there are places we can turn to when it’s time to make private purchases or seek sex advice. The Experience Channel is the leading interactive e-commerce website that serves all of your sex-related needs and desires. Unlike many websites that simply offer a depot for kinky toys and products, The Experience Channel offers a wide array of both products and services to best suit your most private needs. In addition to offering safe and discreet purchase of sex toys, the site also boasts relationship advice from world-renowned “SEX-perts,” love and sex blogs, and original programming that appeals to all different sexual desires and fetishes. From “50 Shades of Grey” starter kits, to erotic “Scandal Candles,” and playful Bachelorette party essentials, The Experience Channel has you covered (and then some).

The Experience Channel aims to break the barriers of sexual taboos through open dialogue and discussion, while at the same time creating a comfortable, unique experience for consumers of all sexual preferences. It’s a safe haven for everything sex. The site’s spokesperson, Dr. Ava Cadell, is Hollywood’s go-to love and sex therapist. Cliché recently got the chance to speak with Dr. Ava about sex, love, and why The Experience Channel is changing the way our society views sex.

Cliché: Why do you think there is still such a stigma attached to openly discussing topics of sexual nature?

Dr. Ava Cadell: The biggest stigma to openly discussing topics of a sexual nature is the lack of positive information about sexuality and how it improves the quality of our lives. Challenges remain for getting people to be open and honest with their sexual truths and teaching healthy sexuality with respect. I still think so much of the conversation is treated like something that should be shame-based, whispered, or not discussed at all.  Some of the most positive changes in the world of sexuality is the shift that is happening in regards to rights for our friends and family in the LGBT community and same sex marriage. Another positive change is that teachers are being issued with new guidelines to encourage them to teach sex education rather than just biology and abstinence. We all know that knowledge equals power, but I say that sexual knowledge equals sexual satisfaction!

What is the most frequent issue your clients face in regard to sex and intimacy?

Shades of Grey Kit

I counsel singles and couples on a range of issues from lack of communication to lack of desire, fear of having sex to fear of commitment, premature ejaculation to inability to orgasm. It’s all in a days’ work and a very fulfilling one, I might add. However, if I had to pick the most frequent issue in regard to sex and intimacy, I would say that it’s a mismatched sex drive, where one member of the couple is attempting initiation, and the other constantly refuses. The person with the lower sex drive can tend to feel barraged and possibly even harassed. The one who is feeling the desire more often can feel neglected, unattractive, and unloved. Arguments occur, and the sex slowly slips away. When the sex slips away, so does the casual affection like kissing, caressing, hand holding, laughing at each other’s jokes, and the playfulness that comes with intimacy. My solution is to help them with negotiation, communication, and make the decision to be receptive to their partner’s advances. Sometimes, I introduce them to sex toys, as they can raise your sex drive, especially after the guy climaxes and his partner is still aroused.

How can sex toys and products spice up a stale sex life or relationship?

Sex toys cannot replace the emotional fulfillment a lover can provide, but they can have therapeutic value by rejuvenating a predictable relationship. They add more variety, take the pressure off performance (for the man), add orgasmic intensity for a woman by stimulating her clitoris or G-spot, as well as bring a new element of fantasy and fun to the relationship. Some men say that they feel inadequate when a woman uses a vibrator while penetrating her. In order to put his mind at rest, let him know that he is more than adequate by praising his love-making prowess, then tell him that the vibrator is an enhancement for both of you. Other ways to introduce them can include: Talking about them and going online to to look at sex toys. Choosing one for each of you such as a vibrator for her, a penis masturbator for him and a vibrating cock ring for both of you. Instead of getting one toy at a time, you can get everything you need for playtime with one of The Experience Channel’s great kits for romantic and sexual play such as their “Hearts Anal Kit” or “Shades of Grey Kit”. 

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