Hollis Morrissette Enjoys Endless Creative Pursuits

Like a magnet, Hollis Morrissette has always felt himself pulled towards performance. ” I’ve been performing since I was eight years old. Artistry entered my veins from the day I was born. Sure the finished products are beautiful but I mostly love the brainstorming. Rehearsals, writing, vocal warm ups, being on set redoing scenes or lines until it’s right, being in the studio and going over and over my lyrics and vocal abilities. Those are just a few things that draw me to who I am, an artist who performs. Being an artist (a multi talented one), is my way of expressing many different parts of me without putting limitations on myself or how much I share.” He also fell in love with pageants at a young age. “Honestly, it was always my dream to become a male pageant titleholder from the age of 13. I remember seeing Miss USA pageants and thought that there had to have been a male/ brother organizational version. If not, I sure wanted to be among the first few. Although I didn’t know a whole lot about pageants, I knew what I wanted to do with my platform which was to lead, learn, grow and do my part to help make this world a better place. Then, 2020 arrived and I made one of my biggest dreams come true. I won my state title first, which was Mr. Michigan United States. I then competed nationally, and became (now formerly) one of the Mr. United States pageant titleholders.” His time on the circuit taught him important life lessons. “I learned not to take things personally. I’ve had to learn that earlier on. Also, just because you hear ‘no’ doesn’t mean it’s the end. Hearing and listening are two different things. So, when I hear the word no, I’m learning to tap into what I should be listening to. Which may result in not right now or come back next week for a yes. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Artistry is my creation. It’s my job to tap into all my artistic possibilities and pull out of me even the things I never knew I could do.” 

To say Hollis is a multihyphenate would be the understatement of the year. He practices just about every art form, from acting to music to fashion design. When asked why he pursues so many ventures simultaneously, his answer is philosophical. “I ask myself this question every day. I’m afraid of being boring. I also get bored easily. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing what I’m doing in one category of art or another, it just means I can’t stop creating. I’ve always been that way. If I see an opportunity then I have to take it. During my pageantry reign, I wrote a book, did public interviews, photo shoots, community service, recorded a new single, managed my online boutique clothing store and finished writing my upcoming EP album and so much more. This is not to brag in any way. I’m just providing a small taste of how I am. I cannot sit down. I have to keep busy.” He’d be thrilled to sink his teeth into more dramatic roles. “I do love acting. I’ve played quirky roles, and slightly funny roles. I’d love to play something a bit more serious or drama related. Hollywood hasn’t let me have those roles yet. I’m manifesting. I’ve always done well with goofy roles but I know I can survive a horror movie. Don’t even get me started on how badly I want to do a drama Lifetime movie.”

Hollis’ music is quite literally crossing new horizons. “I love music so much. I love writing my own lyrics, how I want the beat, rhythm and overall style choice of music to be. I love everything music. It can be (and has been) created, recreated and remixed in so many different ways. I’ve recently learned that I’ve gone international with my music in addition to the US. I thought that was very cool and I’m glad my music is making people feel good. I cannot wait to get back into the studio.” As if he wasn’t doing enough already, he’s also now an author! “As of right now, I’ve just published my first book, which is a children’s book. It’s called “We Are ENOUGH Friend.” It’s a fun, cheesy and colorful book that sends a message to children that no matter what, they are more than enough and deserving of friends, love and support. My book is sold in select bookstores and mainly on Amazon. I’m busy promoting that along with a ton of auditions.” However many dreams he has at any given time, Hollis inspires all of us to chase whatever we are passionate about.

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Hollis Morrissette Enjoys Endless Creative Pursuits. Photo Credit: Anonymous.

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