Instagram Darling Isabel Rose Opens Up About Inspiring Others

Like any normal teenager posting Instagram selfies, Isabel Rose never actually imagined that it could turn into a real career prospect – until her posts started blowing up. “It was just one day my picture had thousands of likes, and I was like, ‘What is happening?’ And ever since then, I just get even more shocked by everything that happens,” she marvels, still in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was signed with The Ace Agency. “It was never an intention of mine to [model]. I just used to take selfies and stuff, in my car or in my room, and all of a sudden, I was just getting so much attention on Instagram. And it all just came to me, honestly.” Though becoming a model and influencer was never part of the plan, she’s embracing every twist and turn of the journey. “It’s just been so surreal. I don’t even know. It’s just so exciting, because things just happen, like I’ll get a certain opportunity that I was just not expecting at all, and it’s always something new.” Isabel has gained immense popularity for her eclectic style. More recently, makeup has ignited her passion and she’s taken to TikTok to emulate her favorite celebrity looks. She enjoys using makeup to express her creativity and highlight different aspects of herself. “It’s not like a blank canvas. You have to work around your actual features. It’s so fun to bring, for example, my eyes into it, or certain features that I have, bringing that into a look. It’s really fun. I often choose looks that mainly focus on the eyes, because I love doing things that make my eyes pop. I think that’s my favorite feature. So I’ll go for looks that exaggerate the eye. It really is so cool to see how far the makeup industry has gone. You can literally do anything with makeup nowadays.”

While Isabel’s photos may look easy and spontaneous, few realize the work that goes into a shoot behind the scenes.”It’s so funny. Every once in a while I’ll get a comment, and it’ll be like, ‘Oh, you can just tell she put effort into this.’ And it does make me happy, but also, I wonder if you can really tell, or does it look effortless? I don’t really know,” Isabel wonders. She’s also selective with what brands she represents, only gravitating towards those that resonate with her. “I think I really prefer brands that are very unique. Like when you see their stuff and you know it’s made by them. I love brands like that.” Commitment and authenticity are the two main pillars of her work.“I’ve learned it really is important to make sure you’re putting out quality. I get a lot of DMs, and they’re asking me, ‘Oh, how can I get into this?’ I think that’s one of the most important things, is to make sure that you’re putting out the best quality work you can, and make sure you’re staying true to yourself, trying to really show yourself as much as you can in your work. I think that’s one of the best things you can do.” When it comes to defining her own brand, she’s determined to keep the boundaries as fluid as her style. “I don’t want to pin myself down to one look. I don’t want to pin myself down to one aesthetic. And even if people aren’t happy with a certain look I do, I feel like I’m happy doing different things.” 

Isabel is now striving to use her platform for change. Mindful of the power of representation, she doesn’t hesitate to share deeply personal aspects of her life with her audience, from being a proud member of the LGBT community to her battles with mental illness. “I know representation really matters, and I’ve noticed even my presence in real life, being in the LGBT community, and also having struggles, has helped real life people that I know. So I know it must help on social media, obviously, and I have noticed it has helped. I’ve talked to a few of my followers about it, and it just feels great, knowing that I can help some people. I love how nowadays there’s really every version of representation you can get. There’s not just one look for anyone nowadays. So it really makes me happy that people can see people like me being gay, you know?” Every new disclosure generates a new discussion and for many, an invaluable source of wisdom and support. “I have scoliosis, and I got surgery for it, and it has brought so many people asking questions about it, [asking for] advice, stuff like that. If I hadn’t opened up about it, those people wouldn’t have been able to ask me those questions.”

Looking ahead, Isabel hopes to diversify her modeling portfolio. She’s grown up in a fashionista family. “It is so weird because we’re all so different. My older sister is extremely goth. That’s her style. The younger one loves everything pink. Her room is completely pink. And I feel like I’m just in the middle of them. Like a little mix of them,“ she muses. Style disparities aside, her four sisters will all be cheering on her success …even if they’d rather not admit it. “You know sisters, they don’t want to really share the truth. They kind of joke with me about it, but then I’ll see in their actions sometimes that they’re really actually proud of me. So it’s fun to see, because they’ll joke to my face, but then I know that on the inside they’re really proud and happy to see where I’ve come so far.” If her career trajectory thus far is any indication, it’s clear that her meteoric slingshot to stardom is just beginning. 

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Instagram Darling Isabel Rose Opens Up About Inspiring Others. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Isabel Rose.