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Modern Flooring Tips for Your Living Room

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Today we want to share some modern flooring tips for your living room. One of the golden rules of interior design is not to overlook your flooring. Flooring can play a key role in allowing your vision to come together in your home and elsewhere which makes it important to consider it first-hand. When thinking about some modern décor tips for your living area, flooring is a great start.

Have an idea and want some more inspiration? Here’s some more information about flooring to set the ground running.

modern flooring tips for your living room

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Flooring can be a match made in heaven when you can suit it to your interior style. Laminate flooring is a trust-worthy and cost-effective giant in the flooring guide.

One of the many benefits of laminate flooring is that you can choose a color which suits your palate – whether this is grey, black, brown, or multi-colored. You can also choose the texture you’d prefer such as slate, natural oak, or pine. As they are also easy to clean and very low maintenance, this type of flooring is a great way to spruce up your living room and live that care-free home life.

We recommend purchasing laminate flooring from a top quality supplier, like

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood is durable, compatible with your needs, suitable, and easy to clean, which is why it remains one of the most popular choices in any wood flooring shop UK.

It can be used throughout your home making it the perfect candidate for your living room. This type of flooring is also highly protective against damages such as scratches and dents, allowing you to minimize the worry if you have an accident-prone family member.

With engineered wooden flooring, the core thing to maintain is a clean-as-you-go method, wiping spillages as soon as you can. Follow this method and you can preserve the quality of engineered wood and even increase your home’s value.

Solid Wood

As original and natural timber flooring, solid wood is exactly what you think it is – a solid piece of wood under your feet. With this being said, this type of flooring is – alike engineered wood – highly durable and timeless. You can suit the color and finish to your desired interior taste which is useful if you have already chosen that perfect sofa and rug.

The raw materials from top wood flooring shops within the UK are sustainably sourced, only bought from well-managed and responsible suppliers. Solid wood flooring definitely does not go unnoticed in your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Widely known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT for short) are a new and progressive form of flooring that is expanding both in popularity and demand. The main benefit of LVT is that they are the more affordable type of flooring out of the many options available to you.

This would be great for those on a strict budget, those in a time crunch and others who like to change things up every so often. LVT flooring is also cleaner than wood and still provides a realistic finish. A great idea for a kitchen and bathroom, LVT flooring allows you to entirely transform your interior design.

Don’t Forget Lighting and Storage!

Perhaps the second thing (after flooring) you attempt to consider in your interior vision is the furniture that brings your living room together, but you cannot forget about lighting and storage. Where will you place the sofa and T.V? Will the sofa have storage space inside it? Or do you need an extra living room for all your things? Its best to have these conversations early on before you decide to pull everything together.

Considering flooring in the first instance doesn’t mean you have to neglect the practicalities of where you’ll store your items and how you will set the ambience of your living space.

As the living room is host to a range of unique activities, the multi-purpose space requires careful storage and lighting for different times of the day. For lighting firstly, it’s useful to consider how you will use the space and that will ease decisions about whether you need task lighting for concentrated tasks, natural light, and soft ambient lighting for those relaxing nights. Neat and tidy storage in your living space is a core tip to pursue your modern décor dream – it helps to minimize the clutter and optimize your space.

So, flooring, lighting, and storage – what’s next on your list?

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