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Top 4 Upgrades For Your Bathroom Radiator

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If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom radiator, you have come to the right place. Whether it is a classic towel rail radiator, column rads by Stelrad within your bathroom, or any other type of radiator, there are many different handy upgrades that you can install in order to increase their functionality and aesthetic alike. Designer radiators have the benefit of superb heating, while having the potential to customise them. Check out the 4 top upgrades for your bathroom radiators and see which are most suitable for you and your home heating requirements. 

Upgrade your Valves

Valves are some great radiator accessories that every radiator can benefit from. Although most radiators will already possess valves, there are always superior options that you can install to improve the heating in your bathroom. The valve has the main function of pumping water throughout your home, making them extremely important. If you modernise your valves, you can enjoy a superior radiator with this simple addition. 

Additional Towel Racks

Towel racks or towel holders are extremely popular accessories, allowing you to upgrade your radiator in a multi-functional manner. This can enhance the functionality of your radiator that may not already possess towel racks, allowing you to dry your towels proficiently while you heat your room simultaneously. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to additional towel holders, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colours, so you can find the perfect addition to your radiator in a functional way. 

Sleeving Kits

Sleeving kits can be a great addition to your radiator that you can install as an upgrade. Essentially, these allow you to improve your radiators overall aesthetic, without having any plumb work or piping on display. What these do, is slip over the existing plumbing you have within your bathroom radiator, allowing for a modern, appealing, aesthetically pleasing solution to covering exposed pipes. Whether you want to cover existing pipes or electrical elements, sleeving kits are one of the bets upgrades you can install upon the radiators in your bathroom, without having to spend excessive amounts of money. 

Install Thermostatic Heating Elements

According to Radiator Outlet, heating elements can be easily placed inside your existing radiator in order to radiate heat, without having to use up electricity. The result here is an upgrade that not only improves radiator performance, but also saves you money by not using the existing energy, reducing the amount you’ll spend on your energy bills. As your radiator will have the ability to heat itself independently, you can enjoy many of the benefits from installing an electrical heating element. 

Whether you choose one or all of these upgrades to enhance your bathroom radiator, you can reap countless rewards from a simple upgrade. From improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom radiators, reducing the costs of your energy bills, and enhancing the performance of your radiators, upgrade your bathroom radiator today and begin making the most of it now!

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