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The Most Unusual Hobbies of Hollywood Stars

George Clooney attends the 'Money Monster'

Today we want to share with you the most unusual hobbies of Hollywood start. When they are not filming, celebrities prefer to do their favorite things. Some read books, some play at the 20Bet casino, and some are into something very strange. If you have a lot of money, sometimes the most unexpected ideas can come into your head. Today we tell you about the unusual and sometimes even strange hobbies of stars.  

Tom Hanks

unusual hobbies of Hollywood starsHollywood actor and Oscar winner Tom Hanks enjoys collecting vintage typewriters. And they are not just gathering dust on the shelves, Hanks also writes books. Sometimes he even takes his typewriters with him to filming – it helps distract and relax. In 2014, the actor released the Hanx Writer app for the iPhone, which allows you to type on your phone with the same sound as a typewriter. 

Claudia Schiffer

Some people squeal in fear at the sight of spiders, some wrinkle their noses, but German top model Claudia Schiffer is nothing but a hoot. She has had a love for furry creatures since childhood. Now her house is covered in pictures of spiders and her 2011 fashion collection was also inspired by these insects.

Angelina Jolie

unusual hobbies of Hollywood starsAt 12, Jolie bought her first dagger and since then she has collected an impressive collection of edged weapons. The actress talked about this unconventional hobby in an interview, but she also noted that all weapons are kept under lock and key to protect them from children. For the seventh birthday of her son Maddock, Angelina gave him an antique knife, so it is logical to assume that she is going to give her collection to children. 

Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of the Sex and the City series is not into shopping or collecting shoes, for example, but knitting. Who would have thought it! This activity calms, helps distract from the pressing problems, and in between takes time to kill time. 

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a huge fan of Superman and everything connected with him. The actor has one of the largest and most expensive collections dedicated to the cape-wearing superhero. He even named his son after his favorite comic book hero, Kal-El. We hope the kid likes Superman, too. 

Mike Tyson

unusual hobbies of Hollywood starsAggressive in the ring, Mike Tyson in life doesn’t like biting people’s ears off, but rather training pigeons. As a kid, he even got into fights with guys who tortured birds. So if it wasn’t for pigeons, Tyson wouldn’t have become a boxer. Now the former athlete breeds birds. About a hundred pigeons live in the backyard of his house.

George Clooney 

Oscar-winning actor, filmmaker, and, more recently, also a young father George Clooney as it turned out, time willingly deals with repairing broken shoes. This is a fairly unexpected recognition made by the actor during one of his interviews, much to the surprise of his fans. It is noteworthy that many celebrities do not even bother to wash their clothes, preferring to throw away stained items and just buy a new one, but George showed himself as a man thrifty and economical.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray has some of the most unusual hobbies of Hollywood stars. The eccentric American film actor and comedian Bill Murray has long been famous for his unpredictability. The man likes to appear in different places in plain unremarkable clothes, staying unrecognized for a long time, and then suddenly join the photographing people, and surprise them. Once the actor showed up at someone else’s party at a country house. There is a video, where he dances together with a tipsy company that has no idea that he arrived at the party.

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