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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Tayler Gunn

Hello, Cliché readers! We’re back again to introduce you to another beautiful super mom in our Mother’s Day Blogger Series. If you didn’t check out our first blogger that we introduced, we strongly encourage you to—and feel free to show our first mom blogger some love! You can read our first post in the series here, featuring Marlyn Pena.

Today we’re introducing you to Tayler Gunn of the Instagram page, @taylergolden, who definitely radiates her own luster. Tayler is the mother of a baby boy named Remy, and is expecting one on the way! She also is the founder of Wildbird—an online shop that curates high-quality slings in lovely hues to cuddle your “little bird” in. We know, talk about a power mom! Learn how Tayler balances her wonderful life, from taking care of her babes to managing a company—and be sure to check out her site and Instagram as well.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Instagram?
Tayler Gunn: I love to focus on my motherhood, simple moments and adventure. Those are the three things that inspire me in life and inspire me to take beautiful photos.
How do you manage to maintain your brand, Wildbird, while being a mom? Any tips?
[Laughs] It’s still a constant struggle of figuring out the balance. Some days I feel like I have it down and other days we are a complete mess. The key for me is schedule. When I keep myself and family on a schedule our days go so much better and everyone is always happier.  
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
My husband, Nate, is always the sweetest to me. He usually gets Remy in the morning and lets me sleep in and then brings me a yummy breakfast in bed. I love just loving on my babe and feeling grateful for this beautiful role I get to live in life.
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What’s a day in your life like?
We are usually up around 8. I get Remy breakfast and I work on some emails. Then we like to get out of the house. We either go to the park, hang out with friends, or run errands. I get Remy home for a nap and I use that time to work but sometimes I guilty of just watching netflixs. We spend our afternoon cleaning and playing. Nate works from home also so when he’s done for the day, we usually like to go out and do something fun. In the summer we love to go spend our evenings in the mountains.  
How would you describe your personal style (including your kiddo’s style too)?
I’m pretty much always in ripped jeans and a t-shirt or a pretty dress. I love being comfortable. Madewell is my favorite store.  You will always find Remy in a little pair of vans or barefoot.
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
I feel like I pretty much stayed the same. I’ve always loved clothes and style has alway been important to me. My postpartum style was pretty bad… Eeek. I don’t think I got out of leggings for 8 weeks.
Scenario time! You have a lunch with your girls and a birthday party for your kiddo on your agenda. What do you wear to transition into two different occasions?
Honestly, I probably wouldn’t change between the two events. I’m pretty low maintenance. I would probably wear a cute Madewell dress or jeans and a t-shirt to both.
Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
I totally switch up my routine all the time but my two things that I can’t live without it apple cider vinegar for toner and coconut oil.  
What do you hope to create and spread on Instagram? What do you hope for Wildbird in the future?
I hope to spread awareness of babywearing and the magic of it to everyone. I hope Wildbird will continue to grow and we can help bonding mothers and babes everywhere
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Tayler Gunn: Photographs courtesy of @taylergolden

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