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Twelve Days of Music – Day 8 – Danielle Bouchard

Cliché Magazine is counting down to Christmas by sharing
12 holiday interviews with 12 amazing artists!

Today, we spoke with Danielle Bouchard of Oh Honey and learned about what her favorite claymation Christmas movies are, as well as what her family traditions consist of!

What is on your holiday wish list?
…dresses! From Free People. Because I don’t have enough already. New black booties. A gift card to Sephora and a couple records to add to my vinyl collection.

If you haven’t yet, if you could perform a cover of any holiday song, what song would you cover and why?
We covered “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” this year! It’s such a classic and is so much fun.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
I’m from the Albany-area, which is only 3 hours north of the city, but I don’t get to go home much, so I love our holiday traditions. My family is super close and it’s awesome. A few days after Thanksgiving, we blast Christmas tunes and decorate the tree. Usually my mom comes up with a zumba routine and dances around the house, and my sister chases our dog around trying to put a Santa costume on her. Then on Christmas Eve, we host a huge party and everyone gets wasted. On Christmas morning, we unwrap presents, and my dad and I peel potatoes while drinking mimosas.

What Christmas movie do you always find yourself watching no matter how many times you have seen it?
My sister and I are obsessed with those claymation movies: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, the Little Drummer Boy. We own them all and we watch them together every year. Also The Santa Clause with Tim Allen… and I don’t know how Harry Potter became a holiday classic, but we watch those too since they’re always on TV! And also because I am shamelessly the biggest Harry Potter fan ever.

As a band, do you spend the holidays together?
This is only our second holiday season as a band, but sadly not! My family is from upstate New York and Mitchy’s family is from Jersey, and we don’t get to see them much, so we both like to take the opportunity to spend time with them when we can.

Everyone has a favorite holiday song, but which one makes you cringe?
I truthfully really love them all. Especially when I’m shopping at the Union Square holiday market in the city, and it’s so cold I can’t feel my hands, but it’s okay because Christmas songs are blasting and I’m downing a fancy drink from Starbucks… the holidays never get old to me!

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Twelve Days of Music – Day 8 – Danielle Bouchard: Photographed by Shanna Fisher

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