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Four Hot Holiday Looks

Got feeling all that excited about the holidays? Does the thought of waiting on what seems to be endless lines and aimlessly wandering around department stores trying to find the perfect gift just make you want to cringe?  Well, I’m here to help! Not with the endless lines and the aimless wandering, though—that’s inevitable. I can help get you into a festive mood with these hot holiday looks. No one needs to know you’re stressing out during the holiday season, and these looks will help you hide that. Whether you want a dramatic look for a New Years Eve party or you just want to make the best of a long day filled with errands, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous looks by Charlotte Tilbury.
This would definitely be a great, simple, and quick look to conquer before taking on a busy day. With this look, most of the focus is on the eyes, leaving the other features of the face with subtle color. This look is not too dramatic for running errands, but it is played up enough to boost your mood. Here’s a quick tip: make sure you invest in an amazing black liner. I suggest using Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-up Liner (it will last all day) and Charlotte Tilbury’s own Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Pen.
redburgBlushing Red
Thinking about holiday shopping in the city? It’s a beautiful sight during the winter, and this look is just as beautiful. It contains just the right amount of pigment in the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The red and burgundy tones will pair up perfectly with the rosy cheeks you will acquire from Jack Frost.
This  look is perfect for a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve party! Deep shades of red and maroon make the perfect holiday look. The long, full lashes paired with red and gold undertones accentuate the eyes, making them look bigger and unforgettable. This look may definitely take some time to conquer, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll be looking fabulous all evening!
You can never go wrong with a classic, nude lip—or, if you’re feeling extra festive, go bold with a red lip as bright as Santa’s coat! Pair it with a smoky eye and sleek, shiny locks and you’re ready for any holiday party. This look is very simple, yet it has a dramatic effect. It will look as if you spent hours getting ready, but shhh, I won’t tell if you won’t!
Four Hot Holiday Looks: Photographs courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

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