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Get your nails ready for the holidays with some sparkle and shine as bright as your Christmas lights! It’s all about the glam and glitz this season, and with the help of the stunning Holidaze and Nue collection nail sets from Delush Polish (, your nails will be just as fabulous as you. From frosted sparkles that remind us of falling snowflakes to golden sparkles that are just perfect for New Year’s Eve, these holiday collections are the ultimate nail sets you’ll need for any and every occasion this winter. The inventive mind of Adrianna Gonzalez-Shreeve, Owner and Creative Director at Delush Polish, brought these gorgeous goodies to life. Below we get to know more about these delightful collections you’ll definitely want on your Christmas wish list.
Cliché: What was your vision for this season’s holiday collection?
Adrianna Gonzalez-Shreeve: Christmas is always such a fun holiday to design for! For this winter collection, I tried to put a spin on the traditional shades that are associated with this time of year. I wanted to create something timeless, yet trendy for the season. There is a bit of everything in this collection: some glitz and glamour, lush forest greens amongst captivating glitter medleys, and toppers.
Do you have a favorite out of them? If so, which and why?
That’s a tough question because I’m always in the lab making something new and end up falling for the latest shade I make! However, I really love glitter-filled jellies. I love the depth they evoke; they are definitely a conversation starter.
What do you believe makes your polishes so eye-catching and special?
Delush Polish offers more than just beautiful colors; we offer an array of unique yet wearable color combinations. Our polishes have been designed to provide long-lasting, quick drying, and most importantly, effortless manicures that result in a professional finish. We have become known for our multi-dimensional tones and captivating glitter polishes, as well as our premium hand-blended 5-Free formula that is proudly free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, and formaldehyde resin.
How do you go about creating new polishes? Where do you gather inspiration?
I strive to create unique shades with every collection, and I always want to challenge myself to do something fresh and unexpected. Inspiration really does strike at any time. Being a graphic designer by trade, I’ve always been in tune with my creative side and tend to look at the world from a different perspective.
For “Fleece Navidad,” inspiration came from the excitement that many of us have when it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree. I decided to bottle that up and translate it into a wearable look for your nails! Flashes of red, green, and gold glitters are reminiscent of ornaments suspended in a lush forest green jelly with stars that symbolize the tree topper for that finishing touch.
We absolutely love the names you come up with for your polishes! How do you go about it?
Would you believe sometimes that this is one of the hardest things to do? I always start with associating words to the theme or the color itself. With the last collection, it was heavily inspired by one of my favorite TV shows and I focused on key moments and characters in each season. I also always like to play on words when naming polishes; that’s how polishes like “Orchid Situation” and “Shake Your Teal Feather” came to be! In addition I often host naming competitions, and I invite my customers who have won the opportunity into the creative process of naming colors. My customers play an integral role in the line; they impact what happens at Delush, and their contribution matters.
Do you have any tips on how to create the ultimate D.I.Y. home manicure with Delush Polish?
Absolutely! Sadly, I don’t always have time to visit the nail salon. As a result, I often find myself with little to no time, so home manicures are great alternatives!

  1. It’s all about the prep work! Begin by using a cotton pad and nail polish remover to remove your previous manicure. Make sure to wash your hands in warm soapy water to remove any traces of nail polish remover.
  2. Next, reshape nails using Delush’s Crystal Glass Nail File. Thanks to its everlasting abrasive surface, the fine grit helps minimize flaking and splitting.
  3. Using Blue Cross Cuticle remover and a cuticle pusher, gently push back your cuticles. Follow with metal cuticle nippers to then gently remove the free edge. Make sure to not cut into the cuticle.
  4. Apply a base coat as this will prevent staining, extend the life of your manicure, and create an even surface to adhere to.
  5. Now for the fun part! Choose your favorite Delush Polish and polish your nails! Use a small paint brush and dip in nail polish remover to remove any polish you may have gotten on your fingers.
  6. Use a top coat to seal in all that hard work, and once your manicure is completely dry, use your favorite lotion to massage hands and nails so they stay hydrated and happy!

Since it is holiday season, do you have any ideas on what can be some delightful gifts from your brand?
Our collection sets are always a big hit. It’s a great way to try our line, and they come in full and mini size sets at a discounted price point, which makes it an affordable yet unique gift! Also, our Crystal Glass Nail files are perfect stocking fillers!
Any New Year’s resolutions/wishes for Delush?
I’m always working on new product concepts for our customers and have a number of exciting releases planned for next year! I can’t wait to unveil what is next for Delush. Watch this space!
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Delush Polish Holiday Collection: Portrait by ©Greg Brett, Photo credit Delush Polish

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