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Selecting the Best Accessories for Your Hairstyle

best hair accessories for your hairstyle

Today we want to provide tips on selecting the best accessories for your hairstyle. When the world outside is chaotic, the list of things within your control begins to shrink. Fortunately, no matter what goes on outside the walls of your home, you will always be in control of . . . you. So why not embrace the characteristics that make you so wonderful? When it comes to being loud, confident, and bold, there is no better time than now.

There are countless ways to exhibit your personality. You might revamp your wardrobe, invest in your social media profile, or throw a party in your own honor. We recommend you do all of the above. But in this post, we’d like to cover hair accessories that match your hairstyle and your personal brand. 

Sashay With A Beret

The beret is an iconic fashion staple. It was first worn by Rembrandt, of all people, and has since been donned by revolutionists, artists, models, and more. While the beret was traditionally worn by men, Coco Chanel made it a multipurpose accessory when she stepped out in a beret in the 1950s. 

Today, anyone with a flair for fashion can don a beret. Just be sure to pull it down on one side, so that you are wearing it slanted. The hat is so versatile; it comes in a range of colors (we recommend raspberry) and materials, like:

  • Woven wool
  • Crocheted cotton
  • Acrylic fibre
  • Velvet

We believe that a beret suits every style. And it is multifunctional as a wool beret can also keep you warm! As for the best hairstyle for wearing a beret, we believe a short and chic cut is the best combination. 

Equip with a Hair Clip

Hair clips might be the trendiest items on our list. Even better, they are totally versatile and match every aesthetic. If you loved butterfly clips as a child, now is your time to shine! These products are hugely popular right now. You can find affordable, even cheap, clips at nearly every online realtor. 

Really, the only question is how will you wear them and what kind do you like? Your options include all of these cute clips:

  • Snap clips
  • Claw clips
  • Hinged barretts
  • Alligator clips
  • Butterfly clips
  • Banana clips

You can opt for clips that are embellished or choose something more minimalistic. You can wear them at parties, business meetings, and even church! They are both functional and fashionable. And in our opinion, they work best with long, straight hair parted down the middle.

Be All That in a Baseball Hat

Somedays, you just want to stuff your fuller hairstyle under a hat. Well, thanks to the modern baseball cap, you can do that while still looking trendy! Wear the hat snug to your head and look for large hats if you have a bigger head or thick hair. And be sure to remove the sticker from the underside of the bill.

If we had to pick a hairstyle that works best with a baseball hat, it would be long, full, and curly. And as for the rest of your outfit, we recommend you pair your baseball hat with a t-shirt dress and a flannel tied at your waist. Or, put on your best jeans and a simple t-shirt. Embrace the casual but chic look and you can’t go wrong. 

Win With a Bobby Pin

If you are a fan of practical accessories, let us introduce your new best friend: the bobby pin. Of course, we say that in jest because most people have heard of bobby pins. They have a place at every prom, dinner date, and wedding. And while they are a more understated accessory, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used with flair.

These days, fashionistas are wearing bobby pins in new and innovative ways. A side part might be accessorized by a row of pins. Or, they can be placed in the shape of a star. 

And if you really want to get creative, you can purchase bobby pins that are embellished with pearls, glitter, and even your name. Again, these can be used on any hairstyle, but we think they look especially great with long hair.

Look Grand in a Headband

Channel your inner Zooey Deschanel and invest in a handful of cute headbands. You can opt for simple (think thin black and plastic) or ornate (think a row of large pearls.) Either way, you’ll give your hairstyle a bit more personality. 

Plus, they are extremely easy to implement into any outfit. As long as you’ve brushed your hair for the day, you’ll be ready to go. Simply pick the best match, slide it on, and be on your way. We think these accessories look fantastic on just about everyone, but if you’re really invested, it may be time to consider bangs!

Embrace Your Power with a Flower

best accessories for your hairstyleOf course, this last accessory may not work for everyone as it is rather bold. But if you are willing to walk to the beat of your own drum, we hope you’ll go for it! 

Flowers in your hair are the last suggestion we have. You can weave a mini bouquet into a dutch braid. Or, make your own flower crown. The flowers can be real, but they don’t have to be. As long as the accessory looks real enough, has vibrant colors, and fits your personality, you can’t go wrong. Bright flowers really pop when paired with dark, shiny locks. 

Express Yourself with Fun Hair Accessories

When it comes to fun hair accessories, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Because at the end of the day, is there anything that you can’t put in your hair? If you have tried all of our suggestions with no success, that means it’s time to get creative. 

Maybe you will weave a necklace into your braid. Or perhaps you will embrace the scrunchy fad! You could even make your own crown of beads, buttons, and baubles. The possibilities are endless. But whatever you do, keep being you.

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