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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Earrings for Your Wedding Jewellery

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For many people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. After all, it’s a day we dream about when we’re young, planning every last detail from the topper on the cake to the jewellery we wear. Your earrings, in particular, will play a large role in your overall look on the day, but there’s so much to think about as it is that you’ve probably not even thought about your wedding jewellery yet! Take a look at this inspirational guide which can help you decide on which types of bridal earrings you could wear for your special day.

Bridal earrings to match your hairdo

When matching your earrings with your hairstyle, it’s important to take into account the overall look you’re going for. You want to avoid too much clutter around your face, so if you’re going all out with your hair, you may want to avoid anything too over the top with your bridal earrings. With so many beautiful bridal hairstyles to choose from, there is plenty of inspiration out there for you to choose yours for your wedding.

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If you’re thinking of wearing your hair in an updo, perhaps try statement earrings. With an updo, your hair is pulled back and your ears are on show, so you can play around with the style of your bridal earrings and go for something a little more daring. Drop or dangling earrings pair well with updos, while pearl drop designs are a timeless classic that’s suitable for any bride.

If your hair is down instead, you may want to go for silver wedding jewellery that’s a bit more subtle and won’t get caught in your locks. Why not try some silver studs? They can be sparkly or plain but will enhance your look without being too overwhelming.

Bridal earrings to match your dress

When choosing the right earrings for your wedding day, it is crucial to also consider your dress. Your wedding jewellery should always compliment the dress without taking too much attention away from it. One thing you should consider carefully is the neckline of your dress. The neckline will directly impact which bridal earrings would look best. Below is a list of the ideal earring styles to go with different necklines:

V-neck dress – all of the attention with this dress is going to be on your neck and décolletage, so opt for something simple and elegant, like a diamond stud or an understated dangling earring.

Strapless dress – because there is nothing across your neck and décolletage, a statement earring will work really well here. However, make sure the earrings you choose match the material and style of your dress. Structured earrings pair nicely with a more contemporary-style dress, whereas chandelier earrings are perfect for a classic silhouette. If you have a gown with floral or lace detailing, pair it with intricate, detailed bridal earrings such as hoops, swirls or pearl drops.

Halter dress – because a halter wedding dress wraps around your neck, you want your earrings to be quite subtle. Your hair is also likely to be pulled back off your face, so opt for studs or small dangling earrings.

Consider pairing your bridal earrings with the colour of your dress

bridal earrings

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When picking out accessories for a fashionable outfit for your wedding, you also need to consider the colour of your dress. If you’ve chosen an ivory wedding gown, you may want to go for a more subtle coloured earring, perhaps pearl. Whether you prefer drop earrings or studs, wearing sterling silver earrings will work well paired with a white wedding dress on your big day. With a cream dress, you could try to match its tone with pearl bridal earrings or go for something a little brighter with silver or sparkling.

While gold jewellery can look lovely, its yellow undertones could appear harsh and sharp against the elegance and subtlety of white, ivory or cream. Perhaps choose silver wedding jewellery instead to help create a delicate and beautiful look for your wedding day.

Consider buying western style jewelry as this will help you to find pieces that directly match your bridal earring with other accessories such as necklaces. It takes the guess work out of everything so you don’t have to go around mixing and matching pieces. When you are preparing for a wedding, time is invaluable, so try to save as much of it as possible by doing things smarter and not harder, even when it comes to jewelry pieces.

Wedding  jewellery to help create a statement look

If you’re into your jewellery more than most, you may want the earrings you wear to have some sentimental value. You could opt for something blue as a clever play on the traditional ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’.

Or, you could go for something more personal and incorporate your birthstone (or even your partner’s) into your earrings and other wedding jewellery. However, this should be done with subtlety to avoid detracting from your dress, so make sure the gemstones are small.

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