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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and our Cliché family couldn’t be happier to celebrate our mothers and mother figures all round the world. In honor of all that they do, we’re introducing you to phenomenal mom bloggers that put the “super” in Super Mom with our Mother’s Day Blogger Series.

Marlyn Pena, from the Instagram page @littleredbowtique, is one momma that we’ve become smitten with. Each photo she posts is filled with glowing smiles, good vibes, and her delightful baby boy, Bryce. Her humble nature and modest, quirky style are something we absolutely adore, and just had to share with all of you. Get to know more about Marlyn and her beautiful life by reading our interview with her and catching up on her Instagram page!

Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Instagram?
Marlyn Pena: My son, Bryce, is definitely my number one inspiration. Time flies when you have a child, and I want to capture all of the little details of each stage he goes through. I love being able to scroll through my Instagram page to see how much he’s grown.
How do you manage to maintain your social network while being a mom? Any tips?
Many of the photos I post are just moments I snap throughout the day. I like to keep my phone close by just in case there’s a moment I want to capture. Most of my favorite photos are the candid ones.  
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
Last year was my first Mother’s Day, and it was so special. Our family gets together and celebrates the three mothers in our family: my mom, my sister, and I. We go out and just get spoiled with love all day. I am so excited for this year’s Mother’s Day!
What’s a day in your life like?
We have a routine, but my little wild one likes to keep it far from boring. Bryce used to wake me up, but I’ve been waking up before him recently. I get to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit before my little boss awakes. Once he wakes up, I get him all ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we like to go on a walk. This seems to be his favorite part of the day. He is always giddy at the beginning of our walks. He’ll be smiling and admiring his surroundings. By the end of the walk, he’s fast asleep. Nap time is when I get things done around the house. When he wakes up, it’s lunch time. I feel like I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen. Whether I’m whipping up something or cleaning. The cleaning and laundry are never ending! During all of this I’m running after Bryce. He recently learned to walk, and this boy is nonstop! There are also days where he wants me to carry him around with me all day long. I don’t mind it one bit, because I know that these days are fleeting. I want to enjoy my little baby for as long as I can. Once daddy comes come, I’m chopped liver. Seeing them love on each other is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love my boys! We spend the rest of the day relaxing with daddy.
How would you describe your personal style?
My style is simple, classic, and comfortable. You can usually find me in t-shirt and jeans. I’m still breastfeeding so most of my wardrobe is nursing friendly. Button down tops and dresses are my go-to’s!  
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby, how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
My style has changed quite a bit ever since I became a mother. Comfort is my main focus now, because I don’t know how long I could last carrying my 24-pound baby in six inch heels. I do like to make an effort to get out of my PJs and clean myself up a bit everyday, because it makes me feel good. It’s so easy to get lost in motherhood. I believe it’s important to take care of ourselves to effectively take care of the others around you.
Scenario time! You have a ton of errands to run with your babe. What do you wear and bring to keep everything running smoothly?
Jeans, a button down top, and clogs are my mom uniform. Casual, comfy, but still presentable. Button down tops also make nursing so easy while running errands. My arms have gotten so much stronger ever since I became a mother. I say that Bryce is responsible for that, but I think my diaper bag has contributed as well. That thing is just as heavy as my child! Snacks are always number one if I want everything to run smoothly. Along with diapers and wipes, of course. A fed, clean, and well rested baby is a happy baby.

Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
Motherhood and dark circles go hand in hand. I am so glad concealer exists! I currently use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind. The coverage is amazing and it makes me look like I got a full night of sleep! I’ve also been using Maybelline’s Line Stilleto for a few years. It’s my go-to liquid eyeliner. It’s so easy to apply and stays on all day!

What do you hope to create and spread on Instagram?
Being a mother is amazing, but it can be overwhelming and lonely at times. I hope that my posts make someone feel that they are not alone. I have connected with so many amazing ladies with this little app that have encouraged me through the journey of motherhood. Ladies that I’ve never met in person, but that I consider my friends. I hope I can encourage and uplift others with my posts.
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena: Photographs courtesy of Marlyn Pena

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