Guided Gifting – 7 Tips for Buying the Perfect Present

Tips for Buying the Perfect Present

We all get excited when there is a special occasion coming up, especially Christmas. It is an exciting time, but gift shopping can sometimes be a daunting experience.  You want to find the perfect present for your significant other, but more often than not they won’t tell you what they want and you’ll be left guessing.  They say, “I’ll like anything you get for me”, but you don’t want to get them a boring gift. You also have to think about buying gifts for your family members, friends and other people.  This can be significantly more stressful than it should be.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Present

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Buying an ideal gift for every single person on your list may seem difficult, but worry not. This guide will help you through your gift shopping experience.

  1. Make a list

Before buying a present for someone, make a list of all the things they are interested in. Think about everything that shows who they are as a person. Yellow Octopus has a wide array of unique gifts, especially if the man you are buying a gift for has an esoteric area of interest.

If they enjoy golfing, for instance, golf ball finder glasses or a golf simulator would be a great present.

  1. Think about what they need

Sometimes, it can seem like a person has everything they need. This can be exceedingly frustrating, as you still want to get them the perfect gift. The most important tip is to think broader, not falling victim to the wide array of cliche presents that adorn every supermarket shelf this time of year. If the person has a hectic, extremely busy life, buy a gift that would help them run their lives and errands more easily.

  1. Get ideas from others

Another tip on finding the perfect gift is getting ideas from other people.
For instance, you could ask your brother’s friends for gift ideas. If they spend a lot of time doing activities together, they might know exactly what the perfect present may be.

  1. Do some research

If it is still difficult to figure out what a person is interested in or what they need, you should look further into what they might want. Try looking at their browse history or even their Amazon wishlist. If you are not able to do that, look at their Facebook history or different things they have posted or commented on the reddit marketplace. This could be a good way of finding a clue as to what they really want.

  1. An experience as a gift

It is important to remember that a gift doesn’t always need to be a physical object. Sometimes giving them an experience can also be the perfect present. For instance, you could take your mom on a weekend away for a great adventure together. Not only is it a good gift, it is also a good bonding experience.

  1. Personalized gifts

If you do not want to spend too much money, a personalized gift is not only affordable, it is also often much more meaningful and creative. You could get a frame that holds a special photo or even a fill a photo album with photos from memorable events.

  1. Start early

Once you have an idea of the perfect presents, go ahead and start buying the gifts early. Do not leave gift shopping to the very last minute or you will risk not being able to buy the perfect gifts as some items may go out of stock, especially during a busy season. Last minute gift shopping also adds on more unnecessary stress.

Be prepared and start planning as early as possible. By doing this and following these tips, you will be on your way to buying the perfect presents for everyone.

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