Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Razor For the Laser

We are all familiar with the weekly, or sometimes daily ritual of grabbing the razor, some shaving cream and shaving  our legs, arms, or even faces in the shower. This can sometimes be a hassle when you are in a rush, or just a mundane and pain to do in general. More and more people are opting for laser hair removal treatment these days, in a bid to say goodbye to the razor forever. Here are our Top 5 reasons to ditch the razor for the laser!

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1. Time Is Money!

If you add up the amount of time you spend shaving with a razor everyday, you will be surprised at how much it adds up to. Laser hair removal treatment will only take up a fraction of the time you would spend shaving, on top of providing permanent, smooth skin. You will never have to spend your daily 10 minutes of shaving in the shower ever again!

2. Clear Up Your Skin

For many people, hair removal via shaving with a razor causes various skin irritations. Acne, razor burn, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and red spots are often the main issues that are caused by shaving with a razor. A breakout, ingrown hairs or red spots caused by shaving can be just as embarrassing as unwanted hair, which puts you in a less than comfortable spot. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to both getting rid of unwanted hair, as well as getting rid of the unpleasant side effects of shaving on your skin.

bikini photo3. Ready For That Spontaneous Beach Outing!

There is nothing more annoying than having to miss out on an opportunity to go to the beach or to the swimming pool for the day because you haven’t shaved your legs, underarms or bikini line. With permanent laser hair removal treatment, you will be ready to go anywhere, at anytime – without having to worry about body hair imposing on your fun.

4. Say Goodbye To That 5 O’Clock shadow!

If you start your day early and shave in the morning (whether it be your face or armpits), chances are, by the time evening hits – you are going to encounter that annoying 5 O’Clock stubble. Nothing is worse than having to be self conscious about this halfway through the day. Permanent laser hair removal ensures that you do not have to worry about mid-day regrowth of hair, which gives you one less worry in your already busy day!

5. Never Miss A Spot With Laser Hair Removal

Somehow, someway, we always end up missing a spot when shaving with a razor. Maybe it’s the lighting in your bathroom, the awkward angle, or the fact that a razor is straight and your body has curves – whatever the case is, shaving is almost never a perfect routine. It is almost a guarantee that you will find a patch of fuzz after shaving – how embarrassing! With laser hair removal, you can be sure that we target every single hair of yours, never leaving you in an embarrassing spot.
We hope that these top 5 reasons to ditch the razor has inspired you to take the leap into laser hair removal – treat yourself to smoother, softer and maintenance free skin by booking a session today.
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