Why is Vitamin C so Important to your Skin?

When we think about healthy skin we immediately think about hydration, sun exposure, wind exposure, and other commonly known causes of damage.  However, we often forget about the many vitamins and minerals that are also important to our skin’s health and overall appearance.  One of the vitamins we most often forget is Vitamin C, an essential piece of the puzzle that makes up healthy skin.

What makes Vitamin C important to healthy skin?
healthy skin photoVitamin C affects a wide range of conditions in our body.  The most commonly known is the immune system.  We know that taking Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system and fight off infection and illness.  However, Vitamin C also affects our skin in a large way.  Lack of Vitamin C can cause serious damage to our body, including the skin that protects everything within us.
Proper Vitamin C levels help your skin to hold in hydration, which is a huge issue when it comes to the physical affects and appearance of aging.  Dehydrated skin is actually dangerous, as it brings with it a myriad of problems from itching to infection that can greatly affect our overall health and well-being.  By keeping the proper amount of Vitamin C in our system, we help our skin to stay hydrated, ward off the affects of pollution, and keep a younger, healthier appearance.
Is there a way to boost my Vitamin C preservation?
vitamin c photoThere are many ways you can prevent loss of vitamins in your body and promote a healthier appearance.  One of these is to employ Hyaluronic Acid Treatments.  Hyaluronic acid serum works in tandem the Vitamin C, promoting Vitamin C absorption and acting as a sponge to help retain moisture in the skin, which results in a more youthful and healthy appearance.
These treatments are available in a variety of forms, although injections tend to be the most common, as deep tissue injection has the longest-lasting effects according to studied results.  Although these treatments will not stop you from aging, they go a long way towards preventing the appearance of fine lines and filling the spaces where wrinkles have developed.  This works as a secondary benefit to the fact that they also help your skin to absorb Vitamin C, which it needs to ward off other degenerative invaders, such as pollution.
Are there other options for treatment than injections?
There are more options for hyaluronic acid serum treatment that do not involve deep tissue injection.  Some providers offer treatments that much more resemble facial masks, where mild dermabrasion may be employed along with the serum treatment in order to allow your skin to better absorb the serum itself.  These treatments, while effective, do not often last as long as injections, but are certainly an alternative for those who are against injections.
serum treatment photoThe most important thing to consider is the overall benefit of the treatment.  Hyaluronic acid serum treatments may not be able to stop you from aging, but they have been proven to provide help with Vitamin C absorption, moisture retention, and improving the overall youthful appearance of the skin.  In addition, there are continuing studies being done with these serums to determine exactly how far the serum can affect the aging process in general.  While they may not be the end-all of your regimen when it comes to keeping a younger, more healthy appearance, they are certainly a great step towards keeping your skin healthy and fresh-looking.
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