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Gucci: A Family’s Legacy

Gucci. We all know the name and the iconic logo, but we do not know the story behind the prestigious Italian family and the history of their business. As every family goes through hardships during their own “storm,” the Guccis put each other through deceitful and devious challenges that led to major consequences for both the family and business. As told from the granddaughter of the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci, Patricia Gucci takes us through the beginning stages of her family’s brand and how it led to the rollercoaster love story of her parents in her first memoir, In The Name of Gucci.

The only daughter of Bruna and Aldo Gucci, Patricia grew up as their secret love child, hidden from her father’s other wife and sons until she was a young girl. With success comes sacrifices and Patricia doesn’t leave any secrets untold. The tension and hatred between the two families is clearly evident as she opens the memoir with hurtful details from the hardest day of her life.
Regardless of being kept a secret, Patricia adoration her father whom she called “Papá,” comes naturally; he was the only person who brought joy into her and her mother’s lives. She compares days when her father would return from business trips to the same level of excitement child has on Christmas morning. The former Gucci Ambassador describes the moment her father gave her away on her wedding day: “In that rickety old church he gave me the greatest gift a father can give a child–his unconditional, unspoken love. And, with his actions, my most precious memory of him.”
Not only speaking from the “daddy’s little girl” perspective, Patricia talks business and explains the creative mind and genius marketing tactics of her father whose dedication built the family business into a legacy. You’ll learn Gucci facts such as how the iconic bamboo bag and tan “rombi” suitcase, personalized with double G’s for the one and only Guccio, came to life.
The memoir includes old family photographs of Papá and her stunning mother, “Mamma,” whose beauty gleams through the pages. The book isn’t just for label lovers, but for the reader who is interested in a bond between a daughter and father. It will change your views on Gucci and know it’s about more than handbags and shoes, it’s a family’s legacy first.
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