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How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

I hate to break it to you, but those “rainy day blues” people always talk about…they exist. Not all of us are so fortunate as to welcome the rain with open arms. Most of us greet those looming dark clouds on the horizon with an immediate frown. True, it’s likely that this summer your exciting plans have been rained out at least once, and you were probably at a loss for what to do, resorting to New Girl re-runs on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that’s exactly what you need. But next time you’re stuck inside, rain hitting the windows and lightning keeping you out of the pool, remember these activities to liven up your rainy day.
1. Beautify
As if we need an excuse to throw ourselves a spa party. Use the unhurried afternoon to catch up on your extra-hygienic needs that usually get shoved under the rug with a busy schedule. While listening to your favorite music, give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Bathe with Epsom salt, lather with coconut oil, and treat your hair with Moroccan Argan Oil. By the end of your relaxing evening, you will wish for the rain every day.

2. Redecorate
Know that spare bedroom you haven’t gotten around to painting? Or how about the bathroom that still has wallpaper up from the 90’s? When you’re stuck inside, you have nothing better to do but to pour over Pinterest and Pottery Barn catalogues. Gather ideas during your indoor afternoon and plan to reconstruct during the next monsoon. When your living space finally matches the idea you have in your head, you will thank yourself for turning your rainy day frown upside down.

3. Encourage
The art of hand-written letters, lost on our generation, is in dire need of resurrection. What better opportunity will you find to dig out your old stationary and thin sharpie pens to give it a go? Try thinking of five people you haven’t spoken to in a while. The dreary weather will bring out your sappy side, as you write to old friends who you love and miss. Not only does letter-writing boost morale, but it reconnects us with people in a more intimate, genuine way than Facebook or Skype ever could.

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