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How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama – Come on pretty mama, you know how hard you worked for that rockin’ bikini bod. Months of sweating at the gym and sacrificing late night ice cream dates have your tummy and buns ready to slip on that suit with confidence.
With that tropical beach in mind, you’ve stuck to your goal. And if you’re like me, now you’re debating in your head what exactly you’ll allow yourself to eat on vacation.
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Do I drink? Do I eat whatever I want?
We all know we have to be careful with the fun things in order to look good doing them.
So, just how do you keep your sexy physique and live it up on your next vacay?
1. Give it a Moment
What is it you really want? Sleep, conversation, a good book? You might be turning to an easy way out to feel comfort, when the cabinet doesn’t hold what you actually need. Before grabbing that snickers bar, think for a moment what would truly satisfy you. Most likely a brisk walk, a dip in the pool, or a sweet kiss from your significant other would do the trick shamelessly.
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2. Keep Up the Good Work!
You’re allowed to exercise on vacation! Contrary to popular belief, vacation doesn’t strictly mean sitting by the pool. Many resorts give vacationers access to a gym, provide luxurious swimming pools, and are located in places where walking is encouraged. Take advantage of the new environment – go on a hike, explore town, try scuba diving! And if all else fails, go for a jog with your boo, it’ll get your blood pumping and keep your mind as clear as the Caribbean Ocean.
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3. Everything in Moderation
Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. We tend to feel guilty after indulging, but remember, you are getting away for a reason. You should allow yourself a little wiggle room to enjoy your much needed retreat. If you’re getting drinks at the tiki bar, keep it to one. If you decide to try the dessert, just have a few bites. Some find logging their caloric intake helps avoid overdoing it. If this is you, try installing MyFitnessPal on your phone, and simply jot down whatever you eat. The app calculates your calories and quickly reminds you of your daily limit.
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Be sure to take these practical tips with you on your next vacation to ensure your body is as rockin’ on the plane home as it was when you arrived! Tweet us your own “How to Stay Fit on Vacation” advice @clichemag!

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