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My Monthly: the app That Transforms how Couples Navigate Through Periods

My Monthly App

This tool is opening the door to period conversations and paving the way for understanding.

New York City, NY- My Monthly has recently debuted an app that seeks to strengthen relationships on a foundation of empathy, built through knowledge, especially on the topic of periods. Once thought of as a topic to avoid, My Monthly opens the lines of communication about periods to foster a healthier, more intimate connection between couples. In this app, both partners interact through features designed to increase understanding, knowledge, and empathy. A primary feature of this app is cycle tracking with a twist. Unlike other period apps, My Monthly provides uniquely tailored information on how to provide the best support and care from a partner.

The idea for My Monthly was sparked in Ada’s mind from her personal experience with this topic. After investigating and interviewing other women, she found this struggle to be a common trend. Describing this issue, she says, “I realized how difficult it was to describe to my boyfriend what I was experiencing during my period each month. There was a huge knowledge gap. It felt as if, just because half of the total population experiences this ‘thing,’ it wasn’t a big deal and it doesn’t or shouldn’t even concern the opposite sex.” After asking others who experience periods about this struggle, she discovered an unnerving trend: there was no good resource available to address this part of relational health.

Ada Chen, a New York-based designer and entrepreneur, graduated from her undergrad at Parsons before pursuing a Master’s degree in Design Engineering at Brown and RISD. Shortly after graduating, Ada began a journey of entrepreneurship in a space hardly explored by couples: talking about periods. In this aspect of romantic relationships, she found that couples frequently experienced misunderstanding and confusion. Instead of allowing frustration to rule over this special time of the month, her aim is to close the gap with empathy and understanding. She is launching a new app, My Monthly, to revolutionize the way couples experience and talk about the menstrual cycle.

To foster two-way communication, My Monthly also provides the person who does not experience the menstrual cycle with the ability to share their thoughts, moods, and feelings. The app has developed quizzes and tools for users to understand their own expressions of how to give and receive love. Additionally, there are educational articles available for all users to learn more about the menstrual cycle, health, and wellness.

My Monthly is a unique app designed to empower couples by providing valuable knowledge on women’s health for nurturing empathetic relationships. My Monthly is the go-to resource for understanding menstrual health, discovering love languages, and fostering emotional well-being. To be a part of the Beta test please email [email protected]

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