What to Wear With a Velvet Jacket

velvet jacket

Velvet became widely available back in the 1900s. Back then, it was a fabric associated with the wealthy. Fast forward to the modern era, velvet became a mainstay in the fashion industry. Many designer brands and clothing stores use velvet because of its beautiful drape and soft pile fibers.

The velvet jacket is one of the most famous clothes that make good use of velvet. If you’re fascinated with this staple wardrobe piece and wondering what other clothes can be paired with it, this article got you covered. During the colder season, velvet blazers can improve your game in dressing up and feeling good.

Consider these suggested tips on what to wear with a velvet jacket

  1. Printed Or Basic Dress

If you have basic dresses sitting idly in your closet and you’re at a loss on how to add flare to them, now’s the best time to rock this outfit and pair it with your soft velvet jacket. Plain dresses and the stylish characteristic of velvet creates balance for your attire. Whether you have plain cotton or linen dresses that come in different lengths, they can instantly look high-fashion when you wear them underneath a velvet blazer.

If you want to have a more fun and chicer look, consider your printed dress collection. Go for short ones and use boots to compliment the look. Pull over the velvet blazer, and you’ll have a perfect fit. You can play with dress proportions, so don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever style you have. 

  1. Lace Top Or Sheer Blouse

Although a velvet blazer mainly adds flare to your outfit, it can also help tone down the intricate details of lace tops and sheer blouses. Such tops usually have lux materials and feel, and it can be challenging to decide what type of jacket would look best with them. Velvet is an excellent material to tone down these details but elevate its elegance at the same time.

There is nothing better than matching velvet with lace, sheer fabric, and silk. These complementary textures will create a sophisticated look. However, it is best to ensure that the blouse underneath the jacket is thin enough so your whole outfit won’t be bulky. 

  1. Denim Jeans

business suit on a hanger isolated on whiteDark denim jeans look exceptionally stylish with velvet blazers. That’s why this tandem is often displayed in mannequins of your favorite brick-and-mortar clothing stores. You can try this combination and see it for yourself. Go for darker-colored denim jeans, as they complement the dark color of your velvet jacket. Some failproof colors for velvet jackets that are easy to pair with denim are red, dark purple, brown, black, and dark blue.

  1. Little Black Dress

Little black dresses (LBDs) are favorite staples among women of all ages. You can find them in almost every woman’s closet. What’s not to love about them? They’re easy to style, easy to pair, and can be worn on all occasions. 

Try pairing your velvet suit jacket with your little black dress. It adds an instant flare to your plain LBD, especially if you’re tired of wearing them with no additional layers. Velvets work great with dark colors, making you look more beautiful with your black dress on. 

  1. Turtle Neck Shirts

There are many ways to wear a velvet blazer, and one of them is to leave it open and unbuttoned. Hence, it would be a good idea to wear it with a turtleneck blouse underneath. This look is an autumn or winter outfit staple, as it makes you feel warm, cozy, and stylish during the colder months. Go for neutral-colored turtleneck tops, which are easy to pair with your colored velvet blazer. You can also add a winter scarf to glide on your neck to make yourself feel warmer and more comfortable.

  1. Suit Pants

velvet jacketVelvet blazers always look great when paired with suit pants. This combination transforms the look into something more professional, formal, or corporate. You can find pants that will coordinate with the color of your jacket. 

While this tandem makes a great evening party look, they’re also ideal for daytime. You can pull off this stylish outfit at work, during important business meetings, and other formal day events. A fashion-forward business executive will love the soft, warm material that will keep them warm in a cold office. To finish the look, choose the right footwear that goes with the outfit.


The timeless appeal of velvet makes it an excellent fabric for any look. No matter the event or occasion, velvet jackets are staple clothing pieces that can instantly elevate your style. Given the outfit combinations mentioned above, it’s time to invest in velvet blazers and learn how to pair them with other wardrobe essentials. Take advantage of its elegant and sophisticated texture to add flare to average outfits. 

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