How Is Aldo Carpinteri’s Modes Taking the Fashion Industry By Storm?

When Stefania Mode first came in 1971, it brought sober and yet glamorous designs. Even if the boutique rebranded in Modes by Aldo Carpinteri, it has always been coherent with Stefania Mode vision, offering high fashion and emerging designers putting customers’ desires at the center of Modes project.

Here’s how Modes has revolutionized the fashion industry in its truest sense.

Expansion By Exercising The Power Of Omnichannel

Stefania Mode used to be an elite and highly recognizable luxury Italian multi-brand brick and mortar store. Soon it expanded into an elite website to provide not only the pleasure of online shopping, but a real omnichannel experience.

Under the guide of Aldo Carpinteri, Stefania Mode was renamed in Modes and got transformed from a local boutique to one of the most successful global fashion retailers. Modes simply recoiled itself and expanded its channel by opening up stores at different parts of the most exclusive and elite locations of Italy – such as the flagship store in Milan, the stores in Favignana, in Trapani or the 3 new stores in Sardinia and the Balenciaga store in Forte dei Marmi – and in Switzerland and they plan on expanding their fashionista kingdom to further European locations soon. With its unique fashion appeals and a great customer services, it soon became a hub of elite fashionistas.   

Modes is the best answer to all the fashion lovers who seek for the best designers and for new stunning collections from emerging designers from all over the world, matching high quality clothing with a high-level shopping experience.

From physical stores to digital channels, it doesn’t matter where customers are planning their next shopping session: what is really important is to provide a unique experience. Modes has a very strong identity and this is why online and offline shopping have many contact points: for example, VIP customers can get clothes home to try them on and eventually buy them; for given Modes’store there’s the same day delivery service. Customers can even book a personal shopping session. 

Modes next steps 

Modes is definitely one of the most solid Italian company, thanks to a farsighted management that invested in a profitable partnership with Farfetch, an online platform famous all over the world for the sale of luxury clothing and accessories, which has allowed to increase the digital side of the Aldo Carpinteri’s business. Digital channels play a very important role in Modes’ business model and allow customers from all over the world to easily access to high couture collections while at home.

Planning new openings in Italy and even in Europe and new digital investments, Modes by Aldo Carpinteri pursues a further growth, in order to be widely recognized as the company that revolutionized the world of high fashion retailing.

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