The Pandemic Made Brands Shift the way They Market

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The pandemic has been a catalyst for individual brands to change how we use social media. During such unknowing, social media was the only thing in our lives that seemed stable. Looking back, the world has come a long way since the pandemic. Isolation helped many people and brands find their inner voice. With sequestration, we suddenly had a lot of time on our hands to utilize what we already had, social media. Brands and individuals took the time to create their image and work on something we usually don’t. We were given the tools; we just needed to utilize them.  The pandemic sparked creativity for individuals and brands.  For instance, branding, engaging with our followers and promoting what you’re passionate about. Users and brands used social media as a place for pushing boundaries during the pandemic and sparking creativity. The pandemic made brands shift the way they market.

Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms were now the only place to have any human interaction. Small or big brands took this to their best advantage and learned how to stay relevant when the pandemic seemed to be the major issue. Having a following is for more than just celebrities; it is for people like you and me who want to share something they are passionate about. 

Getting Creative

The app Tik Tok flourished during the pandemic. Not only was it a place for a good laugh and trendy dance routines, but a place for you to share your interests. Unlike most social media platforms, Tik Tok allows you to create a niche following by generating videos regarding your interests. Think of Tik Tok as a PowerPoint presentation, except with exciting topics. Online brands came from the ground above by promoting their items on this platform. Tik Tok gave creators the power to go viral and have a voice. Overnight, users would go from individual to the influencer.


Influencers have taken over the internet and become an essential part of advertising. With creators increasing overall views and interactions on social media platforms, marketers can reach their target audience through influencers. Brands have boosted their authenticity through social media because they can get a niche target group. With the “always-on” marketing strategy, advertisements are reached to the consumer at any time of the day. Brands have taken this strategy to their advantage by staying active and present in consumers’ lives.

Online Brand Market

There is something about online shopping and the thrill it brings us. The only excitement from the pandemic was hitting that ‘pay’ button on our iPhones. Online shopping comes with convenience, and people want nothing but the easiest way to receive their items. As online shopping hits its peak during COVID, we think we need to order all of this stuff? Overconsumption became an even bigger problem post-pandemic because it was simply “easy” to order. Major clothing brands such as Zara, Shein, and H&M have made ordering products fun and favorable resulting in an excess amount of clothing.

Fast Fashion

Clothing sales hit an all-time high during the pandemic. Now, with COVID coming to an end, brands are in a pressured state to come out with new products and trends faster than before. The demand for clothing by online shoppers has resulted in consumption overload. Fast fashion has taken over our closets once again with its ability to produce a ridiculous amount of clothing.

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