They Are Stylin’! Some of Hollywood’s Best Celeb Hairstylists

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Look what we have for YOU: tips for all you Cliché readers from a half dozen of the top globally recognized celebrity hairstylists around. And just in time for the holidays and the New Year! Each hair stylist has a mega resume that would put stars in your eyes (seriously). They reveal their personal and professional secrets for not only getting “the look,” but also maintaining the look of a celebrity. There’s some juicy behind the scenes stories, too.
C’mon, admit it. You know you want to know how they get their client’s hair to look like that. Do you ask yourself, “Why can’t I get mine that way?” Got thinning hair? How about making your hair fuller and luscious? Did you know most women walking the red carpet are wearing extensions? And did you know a lot of celebrities wear wigs?
I get a little “techie” when it comes to researching how to achieve certain results, especially when it comes to makeup and hair. Using the wrong product or styling tool can damage hair and ruin a fabulous cut. While watching a TV show, film, or award show, I’ll scrutinize a celebrity’s hair wondering what their stylist used to achieve that particular look.
So I put together my list of top questions and grilled this group about what they know. I had to find out how they do it! The results are one “ah ha!” moment after the other. This is my exclusive gift to you.
May it help light up your holiday and all through next year, too. Enjoy! By Marina Anderson  —For more information about Marina, please visit
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